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Self-Care Through Color

Podcast – The Shadow Side of Color

Cindy McMillan’s Exploring the Seasons of Life, a podcast for women with a big heart on a spiritual journey. Each week she interviews different individuals from all walks of life about beginnings, endings and the messy bits in between. Self-love, well-being and mindset are at the heart of the conversations. Because once you change the inside, the outside will begin to change as well.

During this July 19th episode, I spoke about topics including the meaning of self-care, why color is such a powerful force in our lives and how it effects our bodies, minds, and self-expression, the shadow side of color, along with information about my Self-Care Through Color workshop.

Book Launch

Book Launch

Release of Pathways, Puzzles and Possibilities: A Magical Journey of Transformation.

September 2020 – Our life journeys cross many landscapes, somewhere the terrain is green and lush and others where it is rocky or mountainous. I invite you to go on a series of magical explorations where lessons are learned, pathways are forged, and obstacles are overcome. While the characters include gnomes, dragons, and even a fairy princess, this is built on a true story. The book highlights the importance of being kind to yourself, aligning your inner resources, and designing your own unique life tapestry—allowing the world to see the truth of who you are.

Buy your copy below.

Guest Speaker

ICF-Raleigh: Cutting Edge Conversation: Client Triggers

Mindy discussed that to be in integrity and demonstrate excellence in collaboration with our clients, we need to hold a clear space during our coaching sessions. Client who trigger us can impact our ability to be present. The same is true if we can’t understand their perspective or have advice running through our minds. Read more about the event.

Guest Expert: The Integrity Game 90-Day Challenge – Proactive Learning

As a guest expert on week 9 of Jeff Klubeck’s Integrity Game Challenge, Mindy shared on the topic of proactive learning. My strategies discussion focuses on approaches for finding the positive in the negative, shifting the patterns that block success, and creating self-honoring practices.

Change SIG: Feeding Your Brain for a Change

Mindy has been a guest speaker at Change SIG – Feeding the brain for a change for several years. Mindy has discussed:

We Inherit More Than Physical DNA: We inherit our emotional DNA from our ancestors up to seven generations back. That, along with our physical DNA, has an influence on our overall well-being. Hear how unconscious loyalties, excluded family members, spoken or subconscious phrases we inherit from our families (‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘everybody in our family does xyz’), and more, can manifest as illness within the family soul. Read about the event.

Energy of Colors and Their Impact  Explore how color impacts your life and supports your well-being on many levels (energetically, visually, etc.) and in many ways (what you wear, eat, speak, and more) Read about the event.

Change SIG: Organizational Patterns – The Influence of Family Dynamics at Work

Mindy discusses how we bring the patterns of emotional DNA into the workplace with us influencing our sense of belonging and our connection to our work environment and goals. Look at how that connects to and interacts with the Systemic Dynamics within organizations. See the event details here.

ICF Raleigh Q3 Quarter Meeting

Mindy discussed Tending Your Personal Landscape at the ICF-Raleigh Q3 Meeting. The topic shows the importance of coaches finding ways to ensure they understand how tapping into their inner world can provide a supportive framework in doing their work with clients and living their lives.

It means different things to different people and its priority in the lives of coaches varies as well. Come and learn more about what it might mean to you as way to practice self-care and self-honoring. Read more about the event.

ICF Raleigh: Movies That Matter – The Shadow Effect

Mindy spoke at ICF-Raleigh as the facilitator for “Movie that Matter”. The issues presented in The Shadow Effect created by Debbie Ford, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson are seen on the world stage and mirrored in how we are personally triggered by in our interactions and the events around us. This movie highlights the influence of the shadow and the importance of understanding and integrating our shadows, both light and dark. Read more about the event.

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