Meeting the Shadow Retreat

Manifest a deeper, more balanced relationship with yourself and others.


Meeting the Shadow Retreat May 3-5, 2024

Bend of Ivy Lodge, near Asheville, NC


Presented by co-guides:

Mindy Schrager, ICF PCC Credentialed Coach, Ford Institute Certified Integrative Coach & 

Marianne Scippa, Board-Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP), Facilitator & Coach

Limited to 15 attendees.

Uncover and shift limiting beliefs

It’s time to unlock growth and get unstuck. Meeting the Shadow creates a profound shift in behavior, spirit, attitude and emotional well-being. Shadow work begins with taking inventory of your life. What’s working and what might need some attention?

Then we lead you on a journey that presents strategies for how to integrate what you’ve learned into your life. You can expect deep inquiry, experimentation and emotional release along the way.

There’s a reason for your negative reaction to the people and events in your life. 

It has to do with something that’s important to your psyche. It’s called

According to Carl Jung, being fully integrated means that you (the individual) and your collective unconscious are in agreement.

When you reach full integration, your psyche allows you to push back on the barriers that limit you from reaching your full potential.


The Shadow work was great. I actually found “me” without the layers of restriction on top. Integration of that “me” will take some time. She is a bright, shiny, smiley, loving person with her arms out trying to give to people if they will accept. I have had several instances of the shiny showing up in different places to remind me. What a gift this class was for me. Thank you!

- PM

If you’re not fully integrated, shadow work is the solution.


That’s why The Ford Institute — founded by visionary Debbie Ford — created Meeting the Shadow. After this transformative experience, you’ll:

  • Discover the key elements of shadow work
  • Learn how your story and beliefs might be holding you back
  • Uncover and integrate your positive qualities (known as your “light shadow”)
  • Release what’s no longer serving you

All of this is designed to support you in developing a more honest version of yourself.

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(Limited to 15 attendees)

This in-person workshop will run from Friday, May 3rd @ 5pm ET to Sunday, May 5th @ 1 pm ET. The price reflects room and board.

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 Here’s what some of my past attendees are saying about Meeting the Shadow.

Have you been sitting with the same goals for an extended period of time? That was me before Meeting the Shadow. Attending this workshop was my first experience with Shadow work. Mindy provided a safe environment to dig deep and feel all the feelings that were preventing me from making shifts so I could move forward to achieve those goals.  -SE


For anyone who has issues that have been holding you back, that have still not been resolved in YOUR head or hidden past nagging thoughts, this class is for you. It gave me exercises, and when I pushed myself to complete them, I had three amazing revelations. Mindy is a caring leader who has been through alot herself and believes in what she presents.   -VB


Meeting the Shadow is your key to a happier, more rewarding life.


This weekend experience is designed to help you face the disowned side of your personality so that you can open yourself up to new possibilities.

For instance, you’ll….

  • Begin to understand what the Shadow is and how it can affect almost every aspect of your life.
  • Break out of your limiting beliefs and see yourself from another, more powerful perspective.
  • Gain the ability to identify your story and the limiting beliefs that it holds.
  • Learn how to step outside of that story and reclaim your ability to choose who and what you can be.
  • Discover your unique recipe and unveil the secret hidden in your personal drama.
  • Gain the support you need to live your best life and deliver your greatest contribution to the world.
  • Join your peers in a showing of the movie “The Shadow Effect,” to set the tone for the weekend.
  • Experience guided somatic work in a safe and supportive environment to deepen the transformation.
  • Connect to your family lineage and weave their support into the foundation of your life.

  • Bridge the gap between insights and action by weaving your ancestors’ support into the foundation of your life.

My name is Mindy, and I’m here to help you discover the gifts in your story.

I’m an ICF PCC credentialed coach, Integrative Coach, and Systemic Facilitator with a passion for transformational work. I began my corporate career with a commitment to building strong, well-balanced teams driving change and process improvement.

As I embarked on my own personal change journey, one step was to attend Debbie Ford’s life-changing Shadow Process workshop, which then led to my becoming an Integrative Coach.

My experience and transformational training has been focused on creating positive change in life and business experiences (i.e. shadow, family DNA) for myself and my clients. I love to shine the light on hidden patterns and the root cause of dysfunction and then help you create new pathways to growth.


Mindy Schrager
Marianne Scippa

And I’m Marianne, and I’m here to help you unlock progress.

My work at Scippa and Associates is centered on helping partnerships, organizations, and communities thrive. Clients look to me for professional and personal development as a leader, consultant, facilitator, and coach. My work impacts leaders and teams who are committed to creating cultures of health for their staff and within their organizations.

I hold a Master of Science in Psychology (MS) and a Master of Human Service Administration (MHSA). I’m also a certified coach, systemics facilitator, RPE Polarity Educator and Therapist. I employ MBTI, DiSC, EQi and Tetra Map instruments as tools to create organizational alignment.


Your Shadow is hidden inside you.

It’s time to meet it once and for all and own your future. 


Whether you have big dreams you’ve always wanted to fulfill, or you’re just looking for a more peaceful life. It’s time to address the fears, triggers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for years.

After a weekend of creating new pathways, you can be on your way to a more integrated and joyful version of yourself.

Mindy was able to help me identify at least two significant things from past relationships. I made great strides towards working through them and it is clear to me that they are playing a major role in me continuing to get in my own way. Thank you, Mindy for making this program available and helping me take steps to move forward! – CL


I found “Meeting the Shadow” to be profoundly insightful. I had several Ah-ha moments surface during the class, revealing how certain beliefs were directly limiting my potential. Surfacing these beliefs and bringing them into awareness has allowed me to pivot in a direction that is much more productive and fulfilling. If you’re willing to look in places you’d rather not, you’ll find this class rich in self-discovery. – MP

Sign up for the Shadow Retreat!**

(Limited to 15 attendees)

This in-person workshop will run from Friday, May 3rd @ 5pm ET to Sunday, May 5th @ 1 pm ET. The price includes room and board.

Register by April 7 to secure your spot!

One Payment

Make 1 payment
of $1495

Two Payments

Make 2 monthly
payments of $750.00

** ICF-approved for CCE’s!


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