30 Days of Self-Kindness

 What if every morning, you woke up and set the intention to create a circle of kindness?

As you set your intention in motion, explore ways to show kindness to yourself—whether through self-care rituals, affirming actions, or anything that fosters a sense of self-appreciation.


As the day unfolds, reflect on what you might do differently or better to be kinder, more accepting, or less critical of yourself.

To assist you in this worthy goal, I invite you to join the 30 Days of Self-Kindness journey. Upon registration, you will receive a unique daily prompt for fostering self-kindness. Over 30 days you’ll engage in practices that nurture self-appreciation, self-acknowledgment, self-acceptance, and more.


To celebrate your efforts, share your experiences, and continue building our collective self-kindness muscle, you’ll be invited to Circle of Self-Kindness events.


Here’s what you can expect:

💗   A unique daily prompt for fostering self-kindness

💗  30 days of practices that nurture self-appreciation, self-acknowledgment, self-acceptance, and more

💗  A community of like-minded people* 


Kindness counts, and to scatter more kindness so that it may blossom and grow, I launched an ongoing program called – “30 Days of Self-Kindness.” I then signed up for it myself.

Even though I wrote the content, I found myself looking forward to receiving the email every day. There were days when the act of self-kindness was something I already did, others when I said to myself, “I don’t want to or know how to do this,” and still others when the events around me were synchronous with the prompt I received. All created an opportunity to treat myself with more kindness.

Others who have registered for 30 Days of Self-Kindness have said: 

“I was surprised by my resistance to something that I want and am working towards.”

M.T., North Carolina

“I find myself looking forward to it showing up and have often felt the synchronicity with something I had felt or just mentioned to someone.”

M.S., Virginia

“Through these daily thought-provoking insights, I realized my “self-kindness muscle” had gotten out of shape. The daily actions became my personal self-love trainer, encouraging me to take one small step after another to build a habit of treating myself with kindness. Thank you, Mindy, for this simple yet powerful program!”

M.S., Kansas

One inspiration for this offering was seeing a video where someone said – “A circle of kindness begins with you.” 

To expand on that idea, circles will be held several times a year. They are by invitation for those who are on this self-kindness journey.


A circle of kindness starts with you. I’d love to have you join me on this 30-day journey.

Once you register, make sure you have a journal to capture your experiences in building your self-kindness muscle.


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30 Days of Kindness

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*The circle is optional but an opportunity to share what you’ve learned, ask questions, and gain additional insights.