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​As a credentialed Life Coach and experienced Systemic Facilitator, I work with clients to shine the light on hidden patterns that keep them from revealing and experiencing their best selves. The resulting outcomes are the release of old stuck patterns, inner alignment, consistent action with forward progress so they may break through and achieve their goals, while learning from the old and creating new pathways forward.

I love sharing insights through presentations, articles and blogs to help individuals gain an understanding of the importance of transformational work. We invest in making changes in our organizations, our homes, and our appearance. While those are external changes, the foundation of change begins within ourselves.


Speaking Topics

Mindy has an array of topics that range from:

  • Connect to Your Roots – The influence of family lineage and emotional DNA on your life
  • Connect to Your Path – Clues from your outer and inner world that highlight the need for change
  • Connect to Your Self – The importance of self-care, self-kindness, and color in tending our inner landscape.

Examples of specific presentation topics include:

CLUES that Create Personal and Organizational Change

We are the detectives who can uncover the clues that highlight the need for transformation both within ourselves and organizations. The first clues are those that appear in our interactions with others in our daily lives – what causes us to react, what influences our choices, and what patterns we see repeated.

Sometimes, those clues were created from our own experiences; other times, we inherited them from our families of origin and the ancestral DNA we carry. This includes the influence of immigration, persecution, and other experiences of our lineage that we bring with us wherever we go (including into the workplace).

We can choose to keep those clues buried or uncover the treasure that lies within them and ourselves. While the clues come from our experiences and our ancestry, it all starts with us.

  • CLUES in your interactions – What qualities and points of view cause you to react? Remember – what you can’t be with won’t let you be.
  • CLUES from our families – What are the hidden messages from your lineage that you need to hear? Making the invisible, visible.
  • CLUES in how we treat ourselves – What is the balance in the give and receive between yourself and others? Are you more focused on being self-honoring or self-sabotaging?

How We Bring Our Families into the Workplace

For years, we have discussed how we inherit our physical DNA and now the world of Systemics and Epigenetics is highlighting how we also inherit and are deeply, yet unconsciously influenced by our emotional DNA. Learn about the dynamics and hidden patterns (concepts) in Family and Organizational Constellations/Dynamics and see how our families influence the way we show up in our work world (we really do bring our families to work with us).

Creating Relationship Awareness Through a Systemic Lens

Relationships are integral to what it means to be human. Though we sometimes think of ourselves as separate beings, we’re more connected than we are separate. In this session we’ll look at the systemic basis for understanding the space between us in relationships.

  • How balanced is the giving and receiving/taking in your relationships?
  • What is your tendency when giving to others?
  • How easy is it to receive or take from others?

Organizational Patterns – The Influence of Family Dynamics at Work

Discuss how we bring the patterns of emotional DNA into the workplace with us influencing our sense of belonging and our connection to our work environment and goals. Look at how that connects to and interacts with the Systemic Dynamics within organizations.

What Do You Do If You’re Triggered by Series

First session presented to the ICF Raleigh Chapter. ​To be in integrity and demonstrate excellence in collaboration with our clients, we need to hold a clear space during our coaching sessions. Client who trigger us can impact our ability to be present. The same is true if we can’t understand their perspective or have advice running through our minds. Join this discuss and share ways that you hold a clean coaching space even when triggered by your clients.

Tending Your Personal Landscape

Quarterly Meeting presenter for the ICF Raleigh Chapter. Tending Your Personal Landscape explores the importance of coaches finding ways to ensure they understand how tapping into their inner world can provide a supportive framework in doing their work with clients and living their lives.

It means different things to different people and its priority in the lives of coaches varies as well. Come and learn more about what it might mean to you as way to practice self-care and self-honoring.

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Self-Care Through Color

Podcast – The Shadow Side of Color

Cindy McMillan’s Exploring the Seasons of Life, a podcast for women with a big heart on a spiritual journey. Each week she interviews different individuals from all walks of life about beginnings, endings and the messy bits in between. Self-love, well-being and mindset are at the heart of the conversations. Because once you change the inside, the outside will begin to change as well.

During this July 19th episode, I spoke about topics including the meaning of self-care, why color is such a powerful force in our lives and how it effects our bodies, minds, and self-expression, the shadow side of color, along with information about my Self-Care Through Color workshop.

Let’s Have a Conversation.