Success Stories

Wholeheartedly Grateful

It was a year of struggle for me; I was deep in a depression and was feeling the pain both physically and emotionally.I was in a high stress job that was making me lots of money but no fulfillment and I had been at this job for close to 20 years, it was the only job I had ever had. I spent a year agonizing over what to do next and my partner and I decided I would quit my job and we would downsize our lives and move to North Carolina. I could go to school and change my career in an environment that would only need one of our incomes. Because I now had some time on my hands I agreed to work with Mindy on some life purpose coaching, felt like perfect timing.

While I thought I had my future pretty mapped out, I was completely off base. Mindy and I spent three months working together, it was hard, introspective work but the payoff was tremendous. Mindy’s unique ability to ask the right questions and dig for clarification truly showed me where I wanted to be heading in this phase of my life. She also was able to transform our many hours of conversation into succinct feedback that truly shed light on my desires. Through her compassionate guidance and weeks of discussion, I decided to move back home and go to school here to change my career from high finance to social work. I could not be happier; Mindy truly helped me focus and ask myself the important questions to help me with my life’s purpose. I am wholeheartedly grateful.



After an introduction to family constellations, I wanted to do one. I was convinced it would help me clear up some troubling inherited emotional DNA I had been working to unravel for decades. Although I provided Mindy some family history and hopes about what I wanted to resolve, I arrived with no expectations and a lot of curiosity and excitement.

 We mapped my family dynamics using a combination of objects and people. Through Mindy’s uncanny vision, gentle questioning and depth of understanding, we revealed two core threads far deeper than my initial awareness. I saw how I had stepped into my mother’s role, attempting to protect my younger siblings and prevent my father from leaving us. I shifted and stepped into my correct place as the eldest daughter and made amends with my parents and siblings. Next, we explored earlier generations and clearly saw the role alcohol had played throughout — like a kaleidoscope of pain and brokenness. I selected an object to represent it and, with some difficulty, walked the steps to acknowledge, accept, and ultimately agree with its role in the family. As I then turned towards my future to create a different path, I let go of beliefs that no longer served me while blessing my ancestors. 

 The impact of the session was vast and continues to unfold. I felt a physical lightness and release that I hope to always remember.  I experienced a sense of sweetness, innocence and calm. I stood up for what I needed almost effortlessly, with a new sense of taking my right place in the world. I am free from the hold of my troubling stories from the past. There are hopeful signs in my family world as well. My relationship with my husband shifted to a new level of intimacy, a difficult situation with my siblings is moving toward resolution, and my daughter has stopped drinking.

Day by day I am weaving a new tapestry that fits and supports me, one built on forgiveness, acceptance and love. While I don’t know where all this is going, I am a willing traveler. And grateful to Mindy for her gifts, expressed so beautifully for the benefit of the world.


North Carolina


One of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life is hiring a coach to support me with the challenges and triumphs that come my way. Being a coach myself, and the owner of my own business, it is essential for me to stay balanced, focused and most of all, emotionally sound and happy.

I reached out to Mindy and never looked back!! Her support has been life-changing and because she’s an expert in several modalities, I’ve been able to experience many dimensions of healing that I didn’t even think was possible.

When my world came crashing down in the spring of 2014 with an unexpected divorce, Mindy’s support and guidance pushed me powerfully forward at a pace that even surprised me and she held me accountable to be my greatest self, even in the face of great challenge. Her compassion and faith in me and for me was unwavering and I felt very safe to go deeply within and heal some deeply embedded wounds.

Having Mindy as my coach has also supported me in stepping out in bigger and greater ways as I let go of my fear and become unrecognizable to myself and take on opportunities that come my way. My life has become more joyful, peaceful and exciting. And if that isn’t enough, I felt truly cared about and loved with Mindy and never felt shame or judgment around the very personal information I shared. It is a safe and cathartic experience.




Starting the best year of my life was no easy chore and I could not have done any of this without my life coach, Mindy Schrager. She is honest, a great listener and above all, has experienced this life change for herself. Because of Mindy’s demeanor, I was able to be open and honest and not feel uncomfortable at all. She does a great job of starting the conversation and making you feel like this session is only about you and nothing else.

The 16 week session was intense and sometimes emotional. It’s hard to believe what you hang onto all your life that really weighs you down. In completing these sessions, I have become a confident strong woman and hold my head high. With this I now have the desire to learn and try new things without hesitation. I also take more time for myself and my husband; we have a great relationship that has only gotten better with my new found confidence and strength. I would recommend this to any of my friends as it has truly been a life changing event. I have been able to maintain my positive thoughts and openness to change and commit to making this the best year of my life!


New Hampshire


I would like to share my experience working with Mindy as my coach through the Blueprint model of coaching. I found right from the start that Mindy was completely present and compassionate with my process. Mindy held a space for me that felt safe and very sacred from our very first session to our last. Because of this safe space I found a new level of strength and compassion for myself as I uncovered answers to some long held questions. I uncovered new parts of me that carried answers to some of the fears I have carried most of my life and now feel less scary and came bearing gifts.

I came to understand at a much deeper level that I have a wonderful gift in my body and the wisdom it possesses. I learned to value my strengths and gifts more. One of the highlights as I did my work each week was in how much more conscious in my daily life I was and have become. It was hard at times being willing to look at the truth of who I am but other times I found myself celebrating the beauty of all of who I am. The highs and lows were both totally accepted and mirrored by Mindy with love and at times with fun humor all the while being able to ask the tough questions when necessary that helped me open up and make the shifts that I needed to make.

I can only explain it as one hell of a roller coaster ride but at the end of our sessions I realized by accepting and loving more of who I am gave me a deeper acceptance and love in all of my relationships. Spending time learning to love and integrate my light and dark shadows is truly one of the greatest gifts I give myself which Mindy so graciously facilitated. I will be ever thankful for Mindy’s kindness and support as she honored me with accompanying me on this journey. Mindy is a wonderful coach that I highly recommend to anyone who is ready for this amazingly powerful roller coaster ride called the Blueprint process. It is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give to yourself!




I went through the Blueprint Coaching process at a time when my life was changing dramatically. I was facing retirement and had not previously invested in myself to prepare for this life event. I know now that the work I did for over 40 years in human resources no longer defines me or my life or the next part of my life.

I have thought a lot about choice, boundaries, elasticity, vision and that things change. I have always tried to make things predictable without much change and now know that is not possible. While I​ am not sure what I think about all of this in the context of my new life, I am living and exploring each day with the anticipation of an enlightened retirement.​

​I thank Mindy and the program for this insight and gift.


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