Systems of Change is focused on transformation for individuals, teams, groups, and small to medium sized businesses who are interested in creating a more expansive vision for themselves, and realizing greater outcomes.

Transformational Coaching helps uncover how various parts of ourselves can become disconnected and excluded leading to inner conflict, challenges in achieving our goals, and difficulties in our work and personal lives. Challenged in making a life transition, unable to get out of your own way to meet your goals, or feel there is something more you need to explore?

A Life Transition

Life transitions are times during which our sense of self may feel like it has lost its foundation. Whether it be moving from full-time to part-time employment or retirement, shifting from corporate to self-employment, becoming an empty nester or experiencing other relationship shifts. These are all situations in which parts of our inner team feel out of alignment and needs some supportive guidance.


Challenged To Get Traction

If a part of us is committed to the goal but another part of us (inner team member) hates discipline, achieving the goal becomes more challenging. Hidden patterns from our families (emotional DNA) are only one way in which we may put obstacles on our own path to revealing our best selves. Inner conflict, lack of a clear vision or goal, resistance to taking responsibility or being held accountable are all clues.


On a Journey of Self-Awareness

Issues in career, relationship, health, money, or issues in other areas of your life, are often times the tip of the iceberg. Hidden patterns in our family dynamic and belief system, among others need to be revealed to allow us to release the challenge and reveal our best self.


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