Coaching Programs

For those in a life transition, working to get traction towards a goal, or wanting to work more cohesively as a team, coaching programs are a great option. These multi-week programs are designed to uncover the sometimes subtle patterns that keep you from effectively moving forward and support you in shifting them and creating new ways of being. They also provide tools that can be used in your daily life to maintain your forward momentum.

Integrative Coaching

Integrative Coaching based on the work of Debbie Ford helps uncover how various parts of ourselves can become disconnected and excluded leading to inner conflict, challenges in achieving our goals, and difficulties in our work and personal lives.

Alignment Coaching

Alignment Coaching is targeted for individuals who are in a life transition or are challenged to gain traction in moving towards their vision or goal. Stepping into a new version of yourself while shedding layers of the old allows you to find alignment in your inner team and achieve more optimal outcomes.

Team-Based Coaching

Team-Based Coaching works with a selected assessment approach to support the team in understanding their similarities and differences. Systemic concepts are applied to the organization to uncover patterns that block cohesiveness and then new approaches are established.


This free centering call gives you a moment out of your day to center within and come back to yourself moving through the rest of your day with intention, presence, and peace.

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