Program Offerings

Integrative  Coaching

Integrative Coaching, based on the work of Debbie Ford, helps uncover how various parts of ourselves can become disconnected and excluded leading to inner conflict, challenges in achieving our goals, and difficulties in our work and personal lives. If you are challenged in making a life transition, unable to get out of your own way to meet your goals, or feel there is something more you need to explore, I can help. Supporting my clients to release old patterns, align within themselves, grow in new ways, and learn from the experiences and feelings of your life. The power of these integrative coaching programs comes not just during the weekly coaching sessions but also in using the tools on your own.

Blueprint Coaching

Blueprint Coaching is for you if you find yourself stuck, repeating the same patterns and limiting yourself in what you achieve in life.   This life changing 13-week coaching process is based on Debbie Ford’s books The Dark Side of the Light Chase and Why Do Good People Do Bad Things. By accessing the wisdom, life lessons, and gifts of your internal blueprint, you will learn to transform the very parts of yourself that have limited, blocked or prevented you from manifesting your greatest desires. By uncovering beliefs and behaviors that hold you back, and shining the light on your gifts and contributions, you can own all of who you are and create an action plan to build a more flourishing future.

Future Focused Coaching

Future focused coaching is a 6-week program based on the work of Debbie Ford. In transitioning towards a new direction, we sometimes need to shift our choice points to be in alignment with the future we are working to create. After creating a compelling vision, explore the basis of your choices, and transform them to optimally achieve your outcome. 

Healing Your Heart Coaching

Healing Your Heart Coaching is for you if you find yourself holding onto anger or hurt from a relationship or unwilling to forgive or let go of betrayal? This 13-week integrative coaching program based on Debbie Ford’s books, Spiritual Divorce and The Right Questions helps you to heal a broken relationship. Whether it be a parental, sibling, or marital relationship, Heal your Heart coaching allows you to gain a new perspective, make peace with the past, release the hold of negative emotions, and create the relationship future you desire. By changing our relationship with ourselves, taking responsibility for our behaviors, re-interpreting the events of our relationships, we can heal our hearts and create an extraordinary future.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching uses a tailored approach and duration to meet your needs.  Whether the focus is career, relationship, health, accountability, or to address feedback, we customize the approach to work towards your desired outcome. We clarify the focus, identify your initial vision, and then work to uncover hidden patterns and create new pathways for growth.

Alignment  Coaching

Alignment Coaching is targeted for individuals who are in a life transition or are challenged to gain traction in moving towards their vision or goal. These multi-week programs are designed to support you in moving through a transition with focus around commitment to the new, letting go of what no longer serves, re-aligning to and sustaining the change.

Stepping into Yourself

Stepping into Yourself is an 11-week program designed as a more expansive of the 4-week tele-seminar of the same name. The initial focus is on a clear vision of what you want to commit to and what needs to change. We then move into core patterns that need to be transformed to avoid mis-alignment. Strategies for remaining committed to our outcomes and staying in maintaining momentum while being kind to ourselves are the final elements.

Transition Through

Transition Through is a 9-week program for individuals who have already defined their new self and need support in re-aligning key elements of their lives. Changes in how time, relationships, money flow, and their sense of self manifest are ways of ensuring the alignment of your inner team with the changes in the realities of your daily life.

Team-Based Coaching

Team-Based Coaching builds on my thirty-year corporate career working with cross-organizational teams across varied industries and departments. Team-based coaching is for small to medium sized business who want to enhance collaboration to achieve more optimal outcomes. The approach is focused on understanding team dynamics, reviewing the systemic roots of the organization, transforming non-productive patterns, and establishing values and structures for cohesive teamwork.

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