Self-Care Through the Transformational Power of Color

What is Aura-Soma®?

Aura-Soma® provides another path for understanding your life’s journey, gifts and the challenges you may be experiencing.

As a self-care tool, the products offer the vibrational power of color to gently support you in working through blocks, and open you to new levels of awareness in a subtle – but profound – way.

Imported from England, Aura-Soma® combines plant extracts, essential oils, and crystal essences to help develop energetic self-awareness and self-care for the body, mind and spirit.

With over 100 different color combinations, you have the opportunity to “tune in” to yourself at an energetic level, choose what resonates, then use that insight to explore the strategies that best support your path of self-discovery and expression.

Every color is a specific wavelength of light, whose energetic qualities offer support for your unique energy field and body.

Aura-Soma Bottle
Aura-Soma Ingrediants

Ways to Work with Aura-Soma®


Experience the benefits from working with the products
Determine how a color freshener can shift the energy in your home or office. Or discover which color pomander would provide support for your personal energy.


Gain the personal insights from a consultation
Individual consultations offer a private look into the meanings and messages behind the Aura-Soma® bottles you choose, and reveal possibilities for transformational self-care moving forward. Consultations include a product.


Learn more from an introductory workshop
Short introductory workshops are a great way for people to gain an experience of Aura-Soma®. Invite your friends and family to join you in a 90-minute exploration that demonstrates the insights available through color.


You are the colors you choose, and these reflect your beings’ needs.
~ Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma®

Experience color-filled transformation


Aura-Soma® consultations deepen the self-discovery journey by helping you:

  • Learn how color can clarify underlying themes in your life
  • Understand the specific challenges you are experiencing
  • See your soul’s expression through color
  • Create a daily practice that supports specific intentions and goals
  • Navigate personal transformation in a targeted, mindful way

Here’s what people say about their transformational journeys with me


I was introduced to Aura-Soma® several years ago. Since then, my Aura-Soma® bottles have become a non-negotiable part of my self-care routine. Each time I have a consultation with Mindy, I am truly amazed at what transpires. With her expertise and incredible intuition, Mindy knows the right questions to connect me with the bottles I’m meant to work with. Each one is a gift supporting me along my spiritual journey.

– D.K. – North Carolina


I continue to be amazed by these products! I embarked on the color journey expecting it to augment my established routine, instead they have shaken me up and kept me on a path to achieve my highest potential!
Thank you!

– M.R. – North Carolina


Aura-Soma® is a subtle, powerful, and fun product that shifts key levels of our energy field, and then our life. Mindy is a keen observer and recommends a bottle that will help at the perfect time. She has supported me with selection and education for 10 years, and I have been able to release anger, indecision and grief and move forward in my life with grace and joy.

– L.C. – Massachusetts