Mindy’s unique and extraordinary combination of knowledge, skills and abilities supported me in making several transformative shifts in my life. Using appropriate modalities coupled with her deep intuitive insights, Mindy is a gentle yet clear guide in the process of self-discovery and healing of the heart. Working with her has been such a blessing in my life!
W.R. – California

I worked with Mindy to help me find the impetus to change my career and personal life. Through disciplined exercises, action oriented activities, and Mindy’s sheer wisdom, I’ve been awakened and am now on the right path to making huge changes in my life that I’m convinced would not have occurred without Mindy’s guidance. Mindy is truly gifted in her role as a coach. Her passion, determination, and focused help have made all of the difference and I would be honored to recommend her to anyone seeking to find the courage within themselves to make positive transformations.
P.W. – North Carolina

Being coached and guided by Mindy Schrager is possibly one of the best guides I have had to assist in many different situations. Whether it is the shadow series or any other of her modalities, Mindy is so in tune with her client and keenly aware of their needs. Her NLP background and amazing listening skills clearly guide her intuition to check in with her client and allow a path to emerge for them that can be taken! I have always liked Mindy’s smooth voice and keen sense of what I could use to grow from where I am. What’s also great is that her work sticks and I don’t have to repeat it over and over. I love Mindy and the work she does. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking inner growth.
E.B. – Canada

I did a Family Constellation with Mindy and it was an eye opening and transformational experience. Through Mindy’s intuitive sense, we went in a direction that I could not have suspected would open up something in me, allowing me to release some emotional baggage I did not even know I was carrying. Within the next several days, I noticed a lessening of the leg pain that has been with me for a lifetime, and that lighter feeling has remained these last couple of months. Mindy is so good at what she does, asking just the right questions, guiding you through an experience that allows you to process and understand things in your family history that can be life changing for you
S.Z. – North Carolina

My work with Mindy centered on a program called Future Focused Coaching, which is designed to help achieve a specific, “well-defined goal that will move you toward the fulfillment of the vision.” Working through this course with Mindy was life changing. She challenged me to deeply understand what was holding me back and why certain aspects of my life kept bringing me back to places I did not wish to be. She kept me accountable, action oriented, and always focused on what I truly want for my life, no excuses, without judgement and without fear. I am forever indebted to Mindy for her patience, skill and guidance and strongly encourage anyone reading this to work with her without hesitation.
S.F. – Connecticut

As a prolific idea and option generator, I often struggle to limit, prioritize and sequence the implementation of my ideas. Mindy’s priority coaching established a great rhythm of noticing, choosing and being accountable for my priorities. With her intuitive deep listening skills, Mindy helped me clarify certain patterns just outside my conscious awareness. Our coaching supported me through more than one challenge on the way to where I want to be.
A.B. – North Carolina

Mindy guided me through two family constellation sessions and they were both amazing. With Mindy’s gentle and intuitive approach, I was able to gain clarity and compassion for my family history and made several breakthroughs in areas of my life that have felt blocked for a long time. I highly recommend Mindy to anyone who is ready to break out of habitual ways of relating to yourself and your family and is ready to make room for love and compassion.
L.H. – North Carolina

Integrative Life coaching with Mindy was a positive and beneficial experience for me. One of the things that I was most impressed by was that there were never demands placed on me or instructions that I was required to follow. Rather, Mindy helped me to look inside for my own answers and she skillfully guided me in uncovering my inner wisdom and supported me by holding me accountable for the actions that I discovered through this process. The weekly session kept me motivated to achieve them in the time frames that we had established. It is no coincidence that this actually has been the best year of my life!
L.B. – Florida

Aura-Soma is a combination of essential oils, flower essences, liquefied crystal and color. It has been instrumental in assisting my shifts, relieving stress and in better understanding myself. The room conditioners are amazing for setting a space.
Mindy is a confident, able and knowledgeable guide, supporting you as you select and decide which bottles to use.  I have enjoyed working with both Mindy and the Aura-Soma products for the past several years.
L.C. – Massachusetts

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mindy – she is truly an amazing coach. Combining her NLP techniques (knowledge and strategies) with her coaching method (style) she has helped me examine my values, my limiting beliefs while reinforcing my positive ones so I could focus on reaching my goals. Mindy’s (powerful/gentle, but prodding) questioning style has had me rethink my experiences so I can find the positive options I thought I never had. My life has changed for the better because of my sessions with Mindy.
D.C. – Canada

Mindy has many talents – besides connecting with people on a deep level she also has the gift of helping others to understand and connect with their own inner wisdom on healing. I have suffered with migraines for years, but after just one session with Mindy she helped me to remember when all the pain began, which appears to be when my mother gave birth to me and the doctors used forceps and force me out. Because they used those instruments, I came into the world feeling pain and unsafe. Mindy also asked provoking questions reminding me, “We cannot heal what we cannot feel”, Not resisting, just be still and enter. Mindy is highly qualified in helping others to live a better quality of life while offering a very safe environment. Thank you Mindy for sharing your unique gifts with me and for assisting me in entering my pain.
D.M. – New Jersey 

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