Ancestral Connection

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now in the world.

In such times when there are more unknowns than knowns, it’s helpful to know you have support on your path.

For many, that can be family, both living or no longer on this plane. When you connect with the latter, it can be the occasion to explore the parts of yourself or family history where you have lost touch or even have some work to do in the name of forgiveness. Whatever the case, we need to remember and integrate our ancestors into our lives, to achieve greater wholeness. 

In other words, by inviting our ancestors into connection, we can recognize who we are, where we come from, and truly fulfill our destiny in this life.

An invitation to tap into your ancestors’ wisdom so you can move forward with more confidence and ease.


Ancestral Connection is a FREE 60-minute practice based on the concept that doing this inner work can help us understand how being in relationship with our ancestors’ wisdom can help us manifest more fulfilling versions of ourselves.


In this FREE guided activity, I’ll help you:

  • Gain a new perspective and appreciation for your current reality
  • Feel the support of your ancestral lineage to grow and thrive through life
  • Work on a deeper connection with your ancestors, which can help you feel more grounded while sparking creativity and manifestation
  • Step forward with love in your heart


Here’s what some of my past attendees are saying about Ancestral Connection.

I deeply appreciated the Ancestral Connection session I attended with Mindy. Even with the years of my study in the field of Family Constellations I was invited to find a new perspective hiding in the family shadows. My pattern of rescuing others found its root in an uncle that had been excluded based on his lifestyle. I was able to offer him my love, my seeing him whole and loved and give him his rightful place in our family and my heart. — M.S.


The workshop helped me discover strengths from my mother’s lineage that I had never considered. The quality of ambition showed up so strongly! I don’t know how I hadn’t seen that before. Now when I’m feeling overly ambitious, I’m more aware of that inner quality — both the positives and perils! So I’m making more realistic choices these days. It feels good to “own” a whole part of my lineage that I have mostly ignored as much as possible. — D.M.M.


I have always been more or less conscious of being a member of a family with its own history. My immediate family relationships are clear to me. But I have never intentionally cultivated a felt sense of ancestry or kinship, of the whats and hows and the who’s missings of this stream of generation which resulted in my being here at all. Nor have I thought of myself as somebody’s ancestor. This is the work that Mindy performs so well in her Ancestral Connection workshops. It is an eye-opening experience which will increase your self-knowledge and understanding. It will carry you to a greater fulfillment. I strongly recommend it. — R.K.

Ancestral Connection takes you on a transformational journey that can facilitate the following:

  • Deeper understanding of ourselves
  • Increased appreciation for our ancestors
  • A glimpse into the light and dark shadow of our families
  • Tapping into our intuition and inner knowing
  • Greater sense of being supported
  • A change in perspective


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