Coaching Complements

Transformation is a layered process sometimes needing different approach to unravel stuck patterns. The emotional DNA we inherit, the belief systems we create, the experiences we have the build inner conflict, can be more deeply unraveled using transformational tools that complement long-term coaching relationships. These coaching complements are effective ways to reveal and transform sub-conscious patterns to allow for new pathways of growth.

Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations help to uncover hidden patterns within our families of origin and our ancestry that create stuck places in our daily lives such as our careers, relationships, health and money. Gaining insight into causes, highlights patterns that can then be transformed and re-coded to allow for more effective behaviors, interactions, and flow. The work can also be applied in organizations.


Self-Awareness and Self-Care with Color works with the amazing Aura-Soma color system to allow individuals to understand the challenge they are experiencing and then work to release it. Color is a way for your soul to express itself and touch the underlying themes of your life in a way that goes beyond spoken language.

Voice Dialogue


Voice Dialogue, created by Hal and Sidra Stone focuses on understanding the sub-personalities (parts) of our consciousness, which influence our choices. These parts may hold different perspective which can lead to inner conflict and manifest as challenges in our lives. As we give voice to them, conflicts may be lessened and challenges mitigated as these different parts learn to understand each other and work as a team.

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