Healing Heart

Finding the Gifts in Your Broken Relationships

Healing Your Heart is a 13-week 1:1 coaching program designed to
help you experience emotional freedom after broken relationships . 

A broken heart colors every aspect of your life.

Are you struggling to feel fully open and connected with those you love?

Whether you’re looking for new love or hoping to mend relationships with those around you, your old wounds have a way of touching those you hold dear.

So, a painful relationship form the past or present might create friction as you try to build healthy relationships in the present and future. 

Sadly, this can cause frustration, stress, and more heartache.

This Valentine’s Month,
I invite you to find gifts within that broken relationship.

Only you can close old wounds.

Is there someone in your past or present who shows up in your thoughts daily?

They might:

  • Makes you question your past and present intentions.
  • Show up in so many of your thoughts… both happy and sad.
  • Stifle your intimacy.

That person seems intertwined with your whole being.

You know that person shouldn’t have this much power over you. But they do.

It’s time to heal your heart.
There’s no better time than now. 


Not only did I come away with clarity; both insights and epiphanies, but I learned so much about myself and the patterns that were sabotaging my success. It was also evident to me that this early relationship, which was never healed in my mind and my heart, blocked my chances to experience healthy relationships with myself and anyone else. I wish I had words to explain the miracle that unfolded in my coaching relationship with Mindy, but I’ll say this: You’re in the right place! Say yes! You’re worth it! 

E.R. - Florida

Step into a new life filled with forgiveness and a fresh perspective.


Healing Your Heart Coaching is a 13-week program designed to help you make peace with broken relationships so that you can be fully present in your current and future relationships.

This program was designed by the Ford Institute and is based on Debbie Ford’s books Spiritual Divorce & The Right Questions.

While this program is great for those who are looking to leave a romantic relationship behind, many individuals who complete this program want to come to peace with a broken familial relationship.

There is a strong emotional DNA that comes from our families, which can make them the hardest to address and ultimately heal.


In just 13 weeks you’ll learn how to:

  • Make peace with your broken relationships and use them as the catalyst to learn and grow
  • Release yourself from the negative feelings that keep you bound to the past
  • Break free from patterns that attract unfulfilling relationships over and over again
  • Take responsibility for your choices and actions
  • Find a new perspective on love and how it impacts your relationships

This 13-week one-on-one program includes 13 phone coaching sessions calls (usually 75-90 minutes). Acting as a guide, I’ll show you how to heal your heart and open yourself up to love and enjoyment in your close relationships.

Because transformational work is about connecting within ourselves to find our answers, the phone is a great way to support that inner alignment work.

“Healing Your Heart with Mindy was life changing.  She helped me heal some dark places from childhood that were clouding my current situation.   Mindy is powerfully insightful and is skilled with the many tools she uses in every session.  Highly recommend!” 

H.H. - North Carolina

Healing Your Heart will help you open your heart to new possibilities.

My name is Mindy, and I’ll be your guide.

I’m an ICF PCC credentialed coach, Integrative Coach, and Systemic Facilitator with a passion for transformational work. I began my career with a commitment to building strong, well-balanced teams driving change and process improvement.

As I embarked on my own personal change journey, one step was to attend Debbie Ford’s life-changing Shadow Process workshop, which then led to my becoming an Integrative Coach.

Today, I’m one of only 26 coaches in the world who is certified to support individuals through Healing Your Heart, one of the most well-loved programs designed by the Ford Institute.

Mindy Schrager

Mindy is warm, professional and extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She did an excellent job of guiding me through the Healing Your Heart process. I found it very easy to open up to her and share my story, my struggles, and my desire to be un-stuck. In the short amount of time I worked with Mindy I made real progress…and lasting changes. I benefited more from Mindy’s coaching services than from any of the other approaches I have tried over the past 20 years. I now have a completely different perspective and outlook for my future, and I couldn’t be happier about that! 

E.R. - Illinois

What if heartache could be a gift?


Are you looking to find a new, fulfilling, intimate relationship? Or do you want to mend some of the broken relationships around you? 

It’s time to move on from your wounds to get the most out of your new, healthy connections.

In just 13 weeks, you’ll be able to start breaking those patterns from the past and love those around you with your whole heart.

Transform your heartache into a gift for yourself.