Systemic Pathways

Do you feel like situations and circumstances are holding you back from showing up fully at home and/or work?


What if lessons from the past could help you move forward in ways you thought weren’t possible?


One key area for uncovering patterns is within our family system. I have experienced, witnessed and facilitated hundreds of systemic constellations. I have seen the life-changing transformational effect of this amazing work.

Carve out your own intentional path.

You’ll leave these experiential sessions understanding of:

✨ The importance of honoring those who came before us both in families and organizations

✨ How inheriting emotional DNA such as conversation and beliefs creates recurring patterns

✨ Ways to expand systemic pathways and stretch into new territory through merging and choice

As a professional certified coach, PCC, I have been doing work with clients around diversity and inclusion. I have also been through Systemic presentations and experientials with Mindy.  These programs helped me understand that every person, regardless of where or how they grew up has a “place” in their life family system.  It became extremely clear to me that knowing and understanding your place has everything to do with life success and personal happiness. As diversity and inclusion comes to the forefront of organizations, I began working with my clients to see if they felt comfortable in their family system.  Some did and some did not. The conclusion is…if you have not done the work to feel like you belong in your family system then it will be even harder to fit into a business organization and people will not understand why.

I highly recommend this approach for individuals working through their own family issues and additionally for practitioners in the business world to help employees understand their diversity and inclusion issues in order to achieve genuine, justice and equality in the work place. – V.B.

Systemic Pathways to Grow and Thrive.

In this 5-part virtual series you’ll learn how to apply systemic concepts to your life. You’ll leave with clarity and a better understanding and sense of what it means to make meaningful progress in these aspects of your life.

Here’s what you can expect over the 5-week experience:

  • Week 1 – Review of overall systemic concepts
  • Week 2 – Understanding of belonging and how exclusion impacts the system
  • Week 3 – The concepts of balance of giving/receiving and order
  • Week 4 – Holding systemic beliefs and other aspects of loyalty to the system
  • Week 5 – Acknowledging what is and choosing a different pathway



Launching in 2023