Transform Through Color Series

Whether it be in the foods that we eat, the colors we wear, or the colors in nature… Color is everywhere in our lives and impacts our bodies, minds, and self-expression.

The Transform through Color Call Series creates an opportunity for you to experience different ways that the power of color can be used for transformation. Whether it be experiencing color meditation to feel the sensation and vibration of different colors, color breathing as a way to bring the colors into your body and mind, or a practice to create a shift with color. All are designed to enhance your life and well-being.

Sessions have included transformation with violet and gold to connect and nurture your inner knowing, tapping with the colors green and violet to open your heart to change, and using color to expand your self-care practices.

The focus for the next call will be on the colors of magenta and turquoise found in the Aura-Soma bottle called “Go with the Flow”. This is a great opportunity to find love in the little things to support you on your journey to your best self. Marlene Sohl will join me again as she takes us through tapping into color.

Colors effect us. If you have never tried meditations and visualizations with color, then you are in for an amazing experience.  If you already include those in your day, then you will easily reap the benefits of this class. Mindy’s class was an adventure in adding color and allowing color to transform, calm and relax.  Highly recommended.

V.E. – North Carolina

The next session will be held on June 4th at 6:30 pm. Register here:


Transform Through Color Series


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