Unlocking Health- The Offroad to Wellness

August 2, 2024  |  9:30 am – 4:30 pm ET

Our health is linked to more than our individual choices and genetics; it’s deeply intertwined with the dynamics, events, and patterns within our day to day lives. 

Engaging with holistic approaches to health offers individuals a unique opportunity to not only understand the root of health challenges but also to actively participate in the healing journey, leading to a more fulfilling and vibrant lives.

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Exploring family constellations reveals how past experiences, unresolved conflicts, and inherited beliefs impact our health journey, empowering individuals to untangle generational circumstances, release stagnant energy, and pave the way for profound healing.

Integrating behavioral tools into this exploration offers practical strategies for identifying and modifying behaviors that hinder health goals, cultivating awareness, developing healthy habits, and fostering resilience.

This workshop combines insights from family constellations with behavioral tools to address the interconnectedness of past experiences, present behaviors, and future aspirations, enabling individuals to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth for greater fulfillment and vitality in all aspects of life.

Join us for a transformative journey towards wellness at our workshop “Unlocking Health – The Offroad to Wellness.” Led by Mindy Schrager and Liz Kahn, this workshop combines insightful concepts with experiential constellations to help you achieve your health goals.


9:30 AM – Arrival and Centering:

A session to help you center yourself and prepare for the day ahead.


9:45 AM – Opening Hello and Expectations:

We’ll start with a warm welcome and discuss the expectations for the day.


10:00 AM – Exploring Health Priorities:

An introduction to a framework to identify health priorities and tools to keep you in alignment on the offroad to wellness. Discover how supplements, food choices, and life wheels impact your well-being.


11:00 AM – Break


11:15 AM – Introduction to Constellations and Systemic Patterns:

Gain insights into systemic patterns and beliefs affecting your health. Participate in a brief experience of a systemic constellation.


12:15 AM – Lunch

Menu to be determined.


1:00 PM – Constellations:

Experience the transformative work of constellations. Witness the transformative power of systemic constellations as obstacles are identified and addressed.


3:30 PM – Somatics and Embodiment:

Learn how to embody the changes experienced throughout the day through somatic practices that you can take away.


4:00 PM – Wrap Up and Next Steps:

A session to help you center yourself and prepare for the day ahead.

Embark on the offroad to wellness and unlock your full health potential with us!

August 2, 2024  |  9:30 am – 4:30 pm ET  | Private Residence in Wake Forest, NC 

This workshop is limited to 10 participants.