My Approach

An Approach of Discovery

Systems of Change will support you in exploring your experiences and interactions whether you want more for yourself personally or for your organization. Exploration focuses on relationships, health, family, career, and money for the individual and is mirrored by looking at teamwork, morale, culture, contribution, and results for an organization. By uprooting ineffective approaches, designing a clear future, and planting new pathways, the outcomes are expansive.

Systems of Change is based on a systemic approach. As we look at our society, references to systems are everywhere, even in nature. These include systems like the metric system, the school system, the medical system, the body’s energy systems, such as the chakra system, or the meridian system, the family system, business systems, the color system and even approaches for thinking, known as systems thinking.

A systemic, systems-based, or systematic approach looks at issues through different lenses to gain a broader perspective, and reveals the threads that keep individuals and organizations stuck in unproductive circumstances rather than flourishing.
For an individual, these threads may be found in their family lineage, how they experienced school and environments, their involvement in (or lack thereof) team activities, the beliefs that they created based on events or judgments of others, and their physical or emotional health.

For an organization, these threads may be found in the family experiences employees bring with them to work, hidden patterns in the dynamics within the organization, the impact of organizational culture, events that impact morale and employee relationships, and how the systems are aligned towards achieving goals.

Our clients experience a greater awareness of clarity in their life direction, insights into the subtle ways their family continue to influence their lives, and transformational shifts in their perspectives, beliefs, and experiences. They learn to listen to their inner guidance, become aware of the message of their bodies and environment, and gain the confidence and courage to do things differently.

Through my coaching, consulting, and a wide variety of tools and methodologies, I help individuals and groups cultivate a new way of being, which enables them to flourish within, and with others, and experience the synergy in the diversity of themselves and the communities they live in. Change within ourselves, and inside organizational work teams, allows us to uncover and solve systemic problems, which keep us individually, and collaboratively from growing and flourishing.

Transformation through unraveling the systemic threads and themes that keep us stuck, can add new color to our lives, expand the boundaries of what we thought was possible, and plant the seeds of community leading us to live fuller, richer, and more expressive lives.

Organizationally, it can allow us to enhance growth, cultivate a stronger sense of teamwork, and allow businesses to flourish.


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