My Approach

Why Systems of Change?

As we look at our society, references to systems are everywhere. From systems of measurement (metric system) to systems in society (school system, medical system), to those we grow up in (family system), the energy systems (chakra system, meridian system), and more. Whether it be a set of things working together or an organized set of procedures, systems provide structure, insight, and an approach to moving forward.

In unraveling hidden obstacles that keep individuals going in circles, repeating unproductive patterns, or feeling like their goals are out of reach, I’ve found three core sets of systems are key to changing your world.

  • Family Constellations – Constellations look at the dynamics and patterns within our family systems uncovering inherited patterns that may hold us back and extracting the powerful positives that build new pathways and honor our ancestors.
  • Aura-Soma® – This self-selective color care system uses the energy of color to support us in understanding where we are on our life path and the challenges we are facing in opening to our gifts.
  • Shadow – We all have qualities we don’t want to be and those we don’t think we can be. By systematically uncovering and integrating the gifts from all these parts of ourselves, shifting outdated beliefs to find new ways of being and doing, we can step into a place of wholeness and alignment.

A systemic, systems-based, or systematic approach looks at issues through different lenses to gain a broader perspective and reveals the threads that keep individuals and organizations stuck in unproductive circumstances rather than flourishing.

Transformation through unraveling the systemic threads and themes that keep us stuck, can add new color to our lives, expand the boundaries of what we thought was possible, and plant the seeds of community leading us to live fuller, richer, and more expressive lives.

Our families of origin are a great starting point for transformational work because whether we acknowledge it or not, we bring our family and personal patterns wherever we go. Patterns we inherit from our ancestry, along with our experiences in the world and how we feel about ourselves, impact our work life, relationships, finances, homes, and more.

If expansiveness, alignment, self-awareness, and being free of limiting beliefs, naysayers, devaluers, and inherited patterns that are holding you back sounds of interest, please contact me for a consultation where we will design a customized package of transformation just for you.


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