My Journey


A system is defined as a group of related parts that move or work together. This has been evident in my 21 years of personal growth work and study where I have been struck by how many layers there are in working through certain patterns.

My journey started with my physical health, seeking alternatives to approaches and no resolution diagnoses received from medical doctors. As I began working through the physical symptoms, it was clear that there were stuck emotions underneath, anchoring them in place. Some of those stuck emotions were created during traumatic events that I had buried deep in my subconscious, others were clearly evidence in my family lineage, and still others came from projections, judgments and beliefs I had created based on my interpretation of key events.

When one physical symptom seemed to have a resolution, another one soon surfaced, highlighting the need to truly dig deep and get at the root of the issue. In using and learning a variety of modalities, new perspectives were revealed and additional layers were released.

Those trapped emotions started to find other ways to come to the surface including in a perceived intensity in my interpersonal communication.   I was then led to explore new approaches, which all seemed to be part of the puzzle, and the personal development library kept growing, and growing, and growing. The discoveries were of varying shapes and sizes, came from different sources, and began to build on each other. The number of trainings, practitioners, healings, and insights is mind-boggling.

Then I started to see the true connection (systemic nature) of healing. During a training program a pattern of behavior was revealed – an intensity that was rooted in an unknown source but was tied to feeling like my back was up against the wall. I arranged a session with a practitioner who was an expert in unraveling patterns. We were having a standard introductory discussion and the next thing I knew I was on the floor, literally transported back to a time in school – with the words, I just want to die coming out of my mouth. A memory that I had glimpses of over the decades emerged – a group somehow backed me into a stall in the girls’ bathroom and created what felt like a life and death situation – backed up against the wall, the intensity of the need to survive and take care of myself was born.

Subconsciously, it also created my path with its passion for coaching, healing, patterns, inclusion, diversity, teamwork, systemic approaches, and making life better. All the pieces worked together and thus a pattern identified in a class led me to a practitioner who supported me in uncovering a deeply buried trauma that had instilled stuck emotions, and ineffective behaviors, while also giving me the key to its discovery decades later. Just like when all the members of a team work effectively together, magic can happen.

With my eternal gratitude to all the healers and teachers in my life, 
Mindy Schrager, Founder of Systems of Change, LLC.

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