Facets of Color 

Color is everywhere. It is reflected in the world of nature, art, clothing, paints, branding, personal care, and much more. There are many facets to how color appears in our world, including in the world of transformation and self-care.

  • We use coloring and coloring books for creative expression

  • Art therapy is used to help restore a person’s sense of wellbeing.

  • Changing the colors in our homes or of our clothing, brings a new energy to our lives.

  • Crystals and sound connect us to the vibration of color.

In the world of transformation, color is one way to shine the light on hidden patterns that are keeping us from revealing our best selves. That is why I offer several different approaches for bringing color into your life; each reflects a different facet of its use.


Facets of Color Offerings


Aura-Soma® provides a path for understanding your life’s journey, gifts and the challenges you may be experiencing.

As a self-care tool, the products offer the vibrational power of color to gently support you in working through blocks, and open you to new levels of awareness in a subtle – but profound – way.

The Aura-Soma bottles can also be used in doing a family constellation.


Self-Care through Color

We find beauty in color… but there’s so much more. Discover how color can help you focus your thoughts, revitalize your life, and find your intuition.

In this four-week program, you can have a new perspective and new ways of bringing color into your life. Focusing on one area of your life, use color as a way to discover the clues of the hidden patterns that need to change. Then create a new transformational pathway using color in a myriad of ways including a sustained focus on your self-care practices.

Learn how to transform your life through the power of color.


Transform through Color Series

Art therapy, wearing color glasses, and ideas listed here (https://www.brainzmagazine.com/post/ways-to-use-color-for-personal-transformation) are all ways to use color as a tool for transformation.  The Transform through Color Call Series creates an opportunity for you to experience a variety of ways that color can be used for transformation. The initial series has incorporated meditating with color, color breathing, shifting an obstacle with color, using color for self-care, and tapping into color. Different experiences or the same experience with different colors will be added for each session.


What People are Saying…

I was introduced to Aura-Soma® several years ago. Since then, my Aura-Soma® bottles have become a non-negotiable part of my self-care routine. Each time I have a consultation with Mindy, I am truly amazed at what transpires. With her expertise and incredible intuition, Mindy knows the right questions to connect me with the bottles I’m meant to work with. Each one is a gift supporting me along my spiritual journey.

– D.K. – North Carolina


I really enjoyed attending Self-Care Through Color! Mindy was very engaging with participants, thorough in covering the material, and committed to attendees getting the most out of the class. During the process, I was surprised by how much color can tell you about your current circumstances and assist you in accomplishing tasks. At the end of class, I was consciously bringing colors into my life that elevated my emotions and increased my action towards goals. I highly recommend Self-Care Through Color!

-G.N., Texas



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