I was thinking of a video regarding an individual who achieved something others thought impossible, and a beautiful expression was shared along with the video content – “never allow the opinions of others, to become the myth that defines you.”

That feels like freedom to me. The freedom to define yourself based on who you know yourself to be, deeply believe in what you are capable of in life, and have options to achieve what you want.

What might freedom in aligning with your truth look like? Consider the following:

  • Start a healthy relationship
  • Create the career of your dreams
  • Love yourself at a deeper level
  • Take your dream vacation
  • Surround yourself with people who value you
  • Experience support from people who believe in you
  • Find inspiration in positive role models

Take a moment and breathe into all those possibilities. Are they in alignment with the truth of who you are?

If yes, what might stop you from achieving that level of freedom? Consider the following:

  • Are these goals truly what you want?
  • How cleanly do these goals align with your values?
  • Do you believe they are possible for you?
  • Are you fully committed to making them happen?
  • Have you any naysayers in your life telling you they aren’t possible?
  • Do you have positive role models in your life who inspire you towards those outcomes?

As you step into the freedom of your true self, align with what you believe in, and see the possibilities for your life, what do you experience? If you feel hesitation, doubt, or inner conflict, I invite you to schedule a complimentary coaching conversation to discuss these concepts further. At Systems of Change, we have options to support you in creating alignment with your goals and stepping into the freedom of your true, integrated self.

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