In 2023, I wanted to rework key portions of my website to clarify how I provide value for my clients. I began my content updates with support from Katharine McMahon, Storybrand Guide and Marketing Strategist. As we worked through elements of the Storybrand template, I remember one section clearly – stepping into the emotion I want to create for my clients. As I landed on “the” word, I could feel the resonance.

As I say it to myself now, I still feel it – that word is freedom.

What would it feel like to be free of devaluing relationships, career mazes, and self-bullying behaviors?

For me, stepping into this type of freedom feels expansive. It gives permission to freely be myself, to express my gifts, and to have choices and options that create inner alignment and empowerment.

While freedom feels different to everyone, what I witnessed throughout last year was the variety of ways that individuals I know stepped into freedom through endings and letting go. This includes individuals who:

  • Ended a toxic relationship
  • Released vast amounts of clutter
  • Paid off significant debt
  • Stepped away from a naysayer
  • Completed treatment for an illness
  • Let go of a career that no longer served them
  • Acknowledged their responsibility in a situation, supporting them to change
  • Said goodbye to people who give mixed messages (those who say one thing and do another)
  • Decided to end self-sabotaging behaviors and commit to their goals

I feel the sensation of the deep exhale that happens when stepping into the freedom created by these experiences.

Here are additional ways to step into freedom.

Letting go of:

  • Judgment
  • Conclusions
  • Being the know-it-all
  • Reacting
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Violence
  • Tearing others down
  • Mocking and name calling
  • Laughing behind someone’s back

What are you letting go of in 2024? What might hold you back from letting go?

Whether it be adding more self-kindness into your day, finding the gifts in your story, or seeing the subconscious family loyalties that hold you back, at Systems of Change, LLC we have options to support you in letting go and stepping into your own definition of freedom.

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