Throughout this year, I have noticed a particular repeating pattern. The color combination – pink and violet – has appeared in many different ways and spaces. This combination of colors is also present in one of the Aura-Soma® bottles, a bottle with the name of Kindness.

With all that is happening in the world, the recurring color theme reflecting kindness felt like an important message to explore further.

Consider the power of kindness to create a counterbalance to what can be perceived as unkind or mean behaviors. Behaviors such as:

  • Lashing out violently when someone disagrees with you rather than seeking common ground.
  • Deflecting and putting the blame everywhere but where it belongs.
  • Complaining about everything that is wrong rather than looking for what is right.
  • Name calling and mocking that somehow makes a person feel better about themselves.
  • Causing problems by taking quick action but not looking at consequences.
  • Overlooking peoples’ needs by assuming they like what you do.
  • Devaluing someone who is different because the difference makes you uncomfortable.

Social media helps to highlight many of these behaviors and, in some instances, encourage them, but for all those instances, there are memorable acts of kindness.

  • The teacher who believed in a student’s ability, which created the support that person needed to allow them to thrive.
  • The father and son who stood next to and helped a man who was afraid to go down an escalator.
  • Those who show up at a birthday party after a parent posted that no classmates came to the event.
  • The stories of single men adopting sibling groups so they can stay together.

I remember the teachers and bosses who believed in me and the difference it made. I could relate to the escalator experience because when I was young, someone showed what could happen by holding up a mangled sneaker. I have pictures from those birthday parties where people did show up. I admire people who open their hearts to children, wanting to give them a solid foundation.

Have you ever thought about where you are on the kindness scale when it comes to how you treat others?

If you find yourself on the unkind scale based on any of the examples noted, a great first step is to look for clues in your family history, the belief systems you hold, and how you see yourself. If you’re interested in investigating further, I invite you to join me for a series of 60-minute free events – Ancestral Connection, Return to Self, and Journey Thru the Life Wheel. Learn more by subscribing to my mailing list or keeping an eye on my events page.

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