As I talked about in my previous post, my healing journey started with a physical symptom. My dream was to find an alternative approach that would address the diagnosed symptom. Over a seven-year period, I experienced many different modalities, worked with wonderful practitioners, created positive changes, and learned foundational approaches for my physical health. However, at the end of that time, a western medical intervention became necessary.

While the procedure was successful, about six months later a different medical issue surfaced. I resisted the diagnosis and became even sicker, eventually needing medication and a week’s worth of bedrest. During that time, I received a clear message – it was time to start learning approaches that I could use for both myself and others.

A very special practitioner, Connie McGrath, was the catalyst for the beginning of my learning journey. Initially I went to Connie for a lymphatic issue, which her approach resolved. However, Connie was skilled in a wide range of modalities, many of which I experienced over the 20 years I worked with her. During one of our sessions, I mentioned the clear message I had received and Connie made a recommendation for a specific program. I followed her advice and attended the initial training. While it was interesting, I wasn’t drawn to do anything further with the program. However, it was the key to what came next.

Around the same time I started the learning journey, I received feedback at work about a perceived intensity in my communication style. While I was uncertain as to the cause of the perception, I was intent on addressing the feedback. My first thought was to look for communication skills training programs and I researched a variety of options.

I happened to be reading one practitioner’s brochure for the training I had recently attended, and noticed that they offered Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I was intrigued as I noticed that one area of benefit noted was improved communication. After obtaining additional information, I signed up and completed the 18-day NLP practitioner level training. For me, the class turned out to be a subtle but powerful way in – shining a light on a trove of buried memories.

I was led to take the NLP master practitioner, the NLP health practitioner, and the NLP Coach trainings. Through each one, I learned things for and about myself and also had the opportunity to work with others and see the change and personal growth that occurred for them.

During one of the trainings, the instructor mentioned the book, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford. I read it and loved it! One day, out of the blue, someone sitting next to me at a seminar said, “Did you know that Debbie Ford has a coaching program?” Turns out the program was being offered through JFK University, and the pre-requisite was The Shadow Process, a life-changing three-day workshop. A new door was opening and I was excited to see what else I would uncover.

Over the next six years, I became an Integrative Coach in four of The Ford Institute’s programs going through each one myself.

Also during this time, a bodyworker mentioned an “interesting approach related to family that a couple in another town was facilitating.” This conversation led me to the world of Family Constellations. With studies in both Family and Organization Constellations for over 7 years, in addition to my personal experience with it for far longer, I have seen the power of this work. Witnessing countless instances of how the emotional DNA we inherit from our families has an influence on all areas of our lives – including money, health, relationships, career, our daily work life, and more.

I have learned there are many ways into the other side of health or what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg of physical symptoms. In addition to the modalities mentioned, the ones with the most profound impact for me were:

  • Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life and Christiane Beerlandt’s The Key to Self-Liberation contain a wealth of information about what might lie beneath physical symptoms along with affirmations to support a shift in consciousness.
  • BodyTalk and Somatic Repatterning are approaches for uncovering hidden sources for what manifests in our world (body, mind, and spirit).
  • Aura-Soma is a beautiful system, which can support people in understanding areas of challenge through the use of color as a language and source of well-being.
  • Improv tested my limits in uncovering a buried trauma.
  • Through equine therapy, a long-held fear disappeared with a nudge by a horse.
  • Somatic Experiencing is helping me to lessen the stress I did not even know I was holding in my physical body from a series of childhood events.

A synchronistic combination of Family Constellations, Courage Coaching, and NLP eventually led me to uncover the event that birthed the intensity in my communication. A time when a group of schoolmates took their bullying to another level – backing me into the girl’s bathroom and up against a wall. Through my healing journey, I uncovered the conflicting patterns that were born from that event – an overwhelmingly intense need to live, along with an unconscious desire to die. An intensity that became even more pronounced when I felt “backed up against a wall”.

The physical fundamentals are essential for a healthy life and stories of individuals who have overcome physically based challenges are inspiring. At the same time, it is important to remember not all physical health challenges start in the physical body. Sometimes they can arise from the emotional DNA we inherit, the belief systems we define, and the events and emotions that we bury in our bodies.

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Special mention – The individuals who supported me on my learning journey (both overtly and covertly) and to uncovering what was beneath the tip of the iceberg are too numerous to mention but I am eternally grateful for their presence in my life.

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