Several people have suggested I write about one of the techniques I include in my coaching practice. As I pondered which one to include, I started to think that instead of a specific technique, I would take a broader view. This month, I decided to share my personal healing journey, including a variety of approaches and techniques.

Those of us on a healing journey have different reasons they begin. For some it is a divorce, for others the death of someone special. Many others embark on a healing journey after hitting a career, midlife, or health crisis. For me, it began after visiting a doctor who without even examining me, said I needed to have surgery.

After bidding adieu to that doctor, I decided to explore alternative medical options. I had heard of Edgar Cayce a decade earlier. As he was often called the father of holistic medicine, I searched and found a Cayce practitioner close by. Through the course of 7 years, many layers of physical elements related to my healing were revealed, and I used them to guide my healing journey.

The foundation began with good nutrition, appropriate hydration, and an exercise discipline – each practice needs to be tailored to what works for you personally – I am still refining mine. In addition, I found practitioners who address functional systems of the body, the muscular-skeletal structure, and the lymphatic system to help get to the core of the issue from all angles.

A sampling of the structural approaches I experienced includes Chiropractic, The Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Neuro-Muscular massage, visceral manipulation, Trager, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Cranio-sacral, and Zen Therapy.

Many of conditions related to the autoimmune and lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage, Vodder, Phyto-biodermie were useful body treatments, along with things like rebounding to ensure proper lymphatic flow.

Along the journey, it became clear that some detoxing was also in order. Approaches such as cleanses, alkalizing foods and water, breath work, removal of amalgam fillings, colon hydrotherapy, herbal and flower remedies, hyperbaric oxygen, cupping, infrared sauna, and ionic foot baths were among those I tried.

Sometimes physical healing requires a more systems-based approach (looking at the interconnections and causes) and kinesiologists, functional practitioners, naturopaths, whole body thermography and homeopathists were helpful at addressing this layer of my healing process.

I also touched upon some approaches that look at the energy aspects of the physical body. These included Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Raindrop, Reflexology, Jin Shin Jitsu, and Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), and Tong Ren).

About 7 years after my physical healing journey began, despite all the positive changes and learnings, a medical intervention became necessary. Fortunately, it was much less invasive than the surgery originally recommended. Unfortunately, a few short months later, a new physical symptom arose – my physical body was giving me another message to understand and unravel.

While the strong foundation of physical healing and health practices had been laid during those seven years, I soon discovered there is much more to physical health than the physical body. Stay tuned in my next blog to learn more about the other side of health (or in other words, what is beneath the tip of the iceberg).

Special mention – The individuals who supported me on my healing journey (both overtly and covertly) are too numerous to mention but I am eternally grateful for their presence in my life.

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