When you look at your resolutions and goals from years gone by, what do you notice about the obstacles that got in your way and held you back from achieving your desired outcome?

Can you see that some of them are obstacles imposed by the world in which you live while others are obstacles you imposed upon yourself?

Your outer world can impose restrictions in some of the following areas:

Resources – Do you have the physical resources you need to achieve your goal?

Action – Are you taking the necessary actions?

Clarity – Have you created goals that are clear, specific, measurable, and time limited?

Realistic – Do your established goals have a realistic chance of being achieved?

Manageable – Have you set goals that are the size of “world hunger problems” or is the main goal a manageable chunk?

Time – Do you have the time to focus on achieving the goals?

Feedback – Do you have mentors, coaches, and friends who can provide feedback or act as a sounding board as you move forward?

Your inner world is also a source of obstacles such as:

Beliefs – Do you believe your outcomes are achievable or doomed to failure from the start?

Motivation – What level of “inner drive” do you have to push towards your goal?

Inner conflict – Do you have mixed feelings about your goals and/or feel an inner tension?

Willingness – Are you willing to work for the goal, listen to the feedback of others, take the needed time, or is there something you are resisting?

Alignment – Is there any aspect of your goal or the required actions that is out of integrity with who you are?

Patterns – Have you tried to move forward on this goal before and failed? If so, can you see the pattern that is holding you back?

Feedback – Are you focusing on the negative and giving yourself negative feedback or celebrating your accomplishments?

For some people, getting to their desired outcomes and goals is as straightforward as defining them, identifying the necessary steps, and moving forward. It’s like all parts of their being are aligned and tuned in. For others, there are doubts, feelings of resistance and conflict, and a general sense that each member of their internal team wants something different.

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