January is the time of year when we make resolutions, establish goals, and determine how we move forward into a new year.

As I was reflecting on some practices that I utilize and saw others discuss online, I noticed an interesting distinction. Some practices are more focused on creating resonance within ourselves; whereas others are more connected to our outer world.

In 2021, consider for a moment:

Your one word – Some schools of thought suggest your one word be a verb (taking action in your outer world), others suggest using an emotion or something that creates an emotion (your inner state of being).

Your vision board – Your vision is the words you use to create a picture that other people hear, while your vision board incorporates the words, images and emotions that create your inner sense of that vision.

Your goals – Goals are those outcomes that you are striving toward in your life. You can also set an intention to focus your energy on how you want those outcomes to come about.

Your three words – Your three words focus on how you want to come through to others (the qualities you reflect) and another set of three words can serve to describe what you do.

Think of key areas reflected by your goals as well:

Self – care and personal development connect to both your inner and outer world since they tend to focus on body, mind, and soul.

Areas such as contribution, finances, and home and surroundings focus on what you create in the world, yet they connect to your inner world through beliefs, and inherited patterns, among other elements.

As you move forward in setting and working towards your vision and goals, take a moment to consider whether you are tending to both your inner and outer world. If you aren’t looking at both, you may be creating obstacles that prevent forward progress.

If you feel like your inner and outer world are out of sync, please contact me to see how transformational coaching can support you in re-aligning that connection.

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