I have been working to publish two blogs a month, sharing insights on different facets of transformational work. I also publish a newsletter that includes further detail on the theme of those monthly blogs.

In March, I shifted my focus slightly to incorporate activities related to several upcoming workshops and presentations. At the same, I wanted the readers of my newsletter to receive an update. I utilized the focus of a recent presentation as the theme in the newsletter.

Much to my surprise, several of my readers told me they loved my “blog”. While I don’t typically publish my themes, reader feedback made me realize it might be beneficial to shift that perspective. The following is the newsletter theme that is now a blog, thanks to time and feedback.

Last month, I had the opportunity to present A New Perspective on Time Management to a local meet-up. My focus was not on the tools of time management, but the obstacles of labels, self-judgment, beliefs and excuses that get in the way of our effectively managing our time. Some in the audience could see how those obstacles might be a factor in need of change, while others could only see the influence of the tools. By the end of the presentation, it was clear to me that those who had effective time management tools also had beliefs that supported their ability to manage their time.

Coincidentally, numerous articles appeared during the week of my presentation, focused on time management as an execution issue. Various conversations highlighted even more tools that one could use, including:

  • Phone apps
  • A written list (for those who are kinesthetic)
  • Your top 3 priorities for the day
  • Breaking tasks into smaller steps
  • Do it now before you forget
  • Using a special notebook

There really is no shortage of tools to support different needs. However, the way we feel about ourselves and the tools need to be taken into consideration.

I had a time management conversation with myself this month. While I have numerous ideas for blogs, I also needed to prioritize time to prepare for several presentations and upcoming workshops. After much consideration, I realized that I had to let go of certain expectations, clarify my priorities, and be at peace with my decision to focus on deadline-driven activities. To do that, I needed to defer a blog or two. How interesting that I was delivered a message regarding my own time management that further highlighted one very important point – it’s not always about the tools!

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