One of the core human needs is the need for connection, yet there are a wide variety of ways in which that connection appears in each person’s life. Here are some examples:

  • Some people come from large families and family members are each other’s best friends -whereas other people disconnect from their families or are even disowned.
  • There are individuals who walk into a room and everyone is their best friend – and others who struggle to find meaningful connection with even one person.
  • Sometimes people grew up in circumstances where connection with people was unsafe – and they find ways to connect with places and objects to fill in the emotional gap.

In some instances, we go through cycles of connection that align with the well-known saying “people are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”. They can range from:

  • People we see every day when we are going to school or working in a job and who leave our lives once those experiences are complete.
  • Circumstances that bring us together with a person at a conference or workshop, and they leave a lasting impression based on our brief encounter.
  • Life transitions that may cause people to lose their sense of connection to a particular group of people and create a connection with a new group of people (moving out of state, change of housing).

In other situations, we may not fully understand the importance of particular connections until later in our lives.

  • We get caught up in our jobs and the busyness of our lives, and lack the time to stay in contact with certain people.
  • People under-estimate the influence of their ancestors, their lineage and may even disconnect from one part of their family.
  • Circumstances that created negative connections may overshadow the experience or make us forget the positive connections that also took place in the same circumstance.

Take a moment to consider the ways in which you connect with others. Are there people or communities you’ve lost touch with despite their importance in your life?

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