In our busy lives, where jobs, children, friends, family, household chores, and to do lists fill our days, it is important to remember to make space for ourselves. We can create space by making ourselves a priority, putting our needs before others, or letting go of the old to create space for something that is better aligned with our needs.

Consider what happens when we create space by letting go – and allowing in something different, more expansive, or more supportive.

When we let go of:

  • People who are non-supportive or no longer aligned with our values, we create space for new people to appear in our lives.
  • Clutter, outdated papers or other items that do not fill us with joy, we create spaciousness around us.
  • Books we have read but no longer want, we can create space for more books and create growth by sharing those books with others
  • Email subscriptions that go unopened or fill our inbox, we create the space for priority items and people.

Sometimes the need for space, or the creation of it, appears in subtler ways. In fact, this happened for me recently. I decided to work with one of the Aura-Soma bottles named Kindness to bring in more of that supportive energy. I noticed that as I worked with this bottle, which contains the colors of pink and violet, that only a small amount of the liquid was coming out. I listened to my intuitive guidance about the situation and chose to work with the bottle that represents its “return journey”. It contains the color green – a color that has meanings including expansive, growth, and space. As I worked with the color green, I felt called to repeat the phrase – “I make space for kindness” – after which the kindness bottle flowed freely.

How are you currently allowing space for yourself, your self-care, and your transformation? Depending on your answer, think about:

  • Adding practices that can create a shift and make space for yourself on an energetic or emotional level such as:
    • Open your heart to yourself
    • Meditate to allow the small quiet voice from within to be heard
    • Protect yourself by setting up boundaries
    • Connect to your intuitive wisdom to allow for more insights
  • Learning more about my 1:1 or group transformational programs designed to support you in creating more space for your self-care and transformation:

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