During the final day of a recent river cruise vacation, my husband and I decided to utilize the UK underground to get to a tour bus and see the city. The hotel concierge gave us information to get to the underground station, but he was unaware that on this particular day, there was a detour. It was when we spoke with one of the helpful transit employees for specific instructions, that we discovered we needed to diverge from the underground line we were taking, get onto a different train for a series of stops, and then resume travel on the initial route.

The number of people jammed into those diverted trains highlighted how many people were impacted by this particular detour, and had to make amendments to their regular daily patterns as a result.

This modified travel route was an identified detour we were able to navigate, but we encounter different detours and obstacles every day. The river cruise itself highlighted many.

  • Some people did not receive their luggage until day 6 of a 7-day cruise
  • The river was low and the ship could not get to its destination
  • A place people wanted to visit could not be reached
  • An unclear city map led to a long walk in the wrong direction
  • People got sick and had to stay in their tiny room
  • Flights were canceled, causing some to miss the start of the cruise
  • Falls and other injuries limited peoples’ activities

Now, take into consideration that this trip was a short journey. When you look at the bigger picture of life, any number of detours and obstacles can happen day to day that may require you to pivot in both small and big ways.

This may include:

  • Losing or changing a job
  • Moving
  • Having children
  • Becoming an empty nester
  • Getting a promotion
  • Ending a relationship
  • Receiving a health diagnosis

Some or all of these may cause a person to feel as if they have lost their way or become disconnected. Yet, we don’t always look to understand the source of that lost connection.

Is it how you connect to your family and other relationships that keep you rooted? Maybe it’s a disconnect that impacts the life path you are following. Sometimes people find they are disconnected from themselves. And others may find they are disconnected in more than one area.  Do any of these disconnections sound like you? If yes, please contact me to discuss options for transformational coaching to unravel the mystery of your personal disconnects.

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