Last month, I travelled to attend a class for my own personal development. It was hosted in Montreal and my husband opted to go with me to explore the area. He was scheduled to return on the last day of the workshop, a day before me. At 4am that morning, he woke up in severe pain.

After gathering my thoughts at that early hour, I realized it would be best for him and my peace of mind, to travel home with him. We considered whether we should drive home; not a great option for me as I didn’t get the family gene for liking long distance drives. I decided to call the airline to see if I could get onto the same two flights as my husband.

On my call, I explained the medical situation. After checking the system the reservation agent indicated I could get on the first flight but there was no space on the second flight. It didn’t seem to make much sense to travel part-way with my husband but I held on the line while I thought the agent was checking further. After several minutes, and with no response to my “hello, anyone there”, I hung up.

Unsure of what to do and thinking the situation was hopeless; I opted to call back again. I’m not sure what prompted me to do so but somehow I quickly got through the automated system to a different reservation agent. He said he wasn’t sure he could help but would check. The agent came back on the line and miraculously there were seats near my husband on both legs of the flight.

The connection with the second reservation agent held and the flights were confirmed. In part because it was a medical situation, and probably because the change in fare was a chunk of change, the agent nicely waived the change fee.

With everything set and ready to go, I took some time to ponder how 5-10 minutes after the first call there was somehow an open seat. The ticket and other aspects of the trip home fell into place like magic and it made me realize something important. While we talk about being in a state of flow within ourselves, sometimes, our external world also creates a state of flow where every aspect clicks together in a magical way.

My husband is okay and I am still bemused by the sizeable difference those few minutes made. I am grateful I followed my intuition, didn’t give up, and managed to get on those same flights.

What situations have occurred in your life where everything lined up perfectly and almost magically? What allowed that to happen – your intention, being clear, trusting, and persevering? If you are out of alignment or unclear within yourself, what amazing outcomes are you missing out on?

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