Stepping into flow sometimes happens when we set an intention and the world around us cooperates seamlessly. Think of it like a sports or business team that shares a common goal. All the players work together to make it happen as a unit, stepping into the energy of collaboration.

What if that same concept of teamwork applied within ourselves?

The goal you set acts as one member of the team, but what about the other team members essential to success? How can they help, collaborate, and support each other and you?

  • Commitment – Are you truly committed to the goal?
  • Belief System – Do you believe that the goal is attainable?
  • Alignment – Are there parts of you working together or in opposition to each other
  • Systemics – Are there systemic issues that prevent you from moving forward?
  • Exclusions – What team players are sitting on the sidelines?

What might these “internal” team members have to say in response?

  • Commitment – Is your commitment clear? Will you stick to it? What might derail you?
  • Belief System – Is the goal attainable? Do you think you can do it?
  • Alignment – Do you have an inner critic? Do you find yourself arguing with yourself?
  • Systemics – Are there unconscious or ancestral patterns in your way?
  • Exclusions – What are you not considering? What are you resisting?

We may think if we truly believe or work hard enough or stop listening to what everyone else says, we can achieve anything. But what if there is something else to consider?

  • What if you start out with a strong commitment but don’t believe you can achieve your goal? Like Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Commitment is one part but is your belief system in alignment.
  • Think of someone who has made a commitment to losing weight and the many factors that contribute to their success. For some people it is being disciplined and for others it is finding the right approach. What if a part of you dislikes the discipline required or feels deprived or reminds you that you have tried before and failed? If you don’t address those conflicts, you will likely fail to achieve your weight loss goal.
  • We all have seen families where certain traits are handed down through the generations. The world of family constellations along with epi-genetics is now highlighting even more what is passed down. I have seen dozens of constellations where the current generation holds a pattern related to health, relationships, or career subconsciously repeating the patterning of the previous generation.
  • Someone with a health issue that only looks at the physical symptoms may be missing the key role of emotions and the impact they have on health. For example, do you have a back problem but sense a lack of support? Maybe you have lung problems but haven’t looked at how the lungs hold onto grief in a way that manifests as physical symptoms?

How committed and aligned are you to your goals? Do you receive easily and live in flow? Are there points of inner conflict that make the path forward more challenging? Can you see how teamwork might be an inside job –

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