I first saw an Aura-Soma® training called The Seven Levels of Letting Go numerous years ago. At that time, I told myself I wanted to attend. It was my intention. Several years went by… and there was no offering. Then, earlier this year, I received a pleasant surprise. Not only was there an upcoming training, but the timing and location were workable. I finally was able to follow through on the intention I set many years ago.

I was intrigued with this program, in part, because like the other transformational work that I do, it highlighted that there are layers of letting go.

We all have an opportunity to practice letting go of:

  • Beliefs that get in the way of our success
  • Patterns of behaviors that keep us going in circles
  • Relationships that devalue us
  • Resentments that are self-destructive

My intention was to have this training be another way to experience letting go, but through my participation, I realized that part of letting go is about a journey of remembering, returning, and reconnecting, as well.

In this experience, I was able to:

  • Reconnect with other Aura-Soma® practitioners, I haven’t seen in years
  • Experience a renewed connection to the earth
  • Remember insights I had from previous transformational experiences
  • See subtle reminders of how letting go can bring us back to our core essence
  • Physically walk the path of letting go to embody the change

Setting an intention to let go while also remembering and reconnecting, appeared in other ways during the training and after my return home too.

These opportunities included:

  • Manifesting through intention (i.e. for safe and easy travels)
  • Connecting to lunar cycles (i.e. what do I want to create during the new moon cycle)
  • Remembering my core essence during a segment of Positive Intelligence® training

Intentionally remembering and reconnecting while also letting go, can support us to find a better path forward, remember parts of ourselves and our life that are part of our core, and reconnect to individuals who are a part of our journey. Another powerful way to experience the intentionality of letting go to return to yourself is to examine ancestral ties.

Remembering those who came before us and connecting to our ancestry can be a part of letting go. Letting go of our inherited emotional and thought patterns that no longer serve us, supports us to create new pathways in moving forward. However, we sometimes need to remember and reconnect with the strength of the positive qualities and commitments made by our ancestors.

I remember a powerful systemic constellation I did which I call “the lessons of the great grandfathers”. Through this transformational experience, I was able to see clearly that both my great-grandfathers made choices that were a commitment “to life”. While their choices were different, the intentionality felt the same, and it served as a reminder for me to honor their commitment.

If you are interested in experiencing the power of aligning more fully with your ancestry and connecting to your ancestral roots, I invite you to attend my free event – Ancestral Connection. I’ll be offering it again later this year – sign up for the waitlist to receive an early notification.

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