I was listening to a conference recently and one of the sessions was about the often discussed thread of “not good enough”. I was struck by something the speaker said when describing an experience she had before writing her first book.

When someone casually suggested she write one, her initial response was that she didn’t have anything particularly different to say than what was already available. The follow-up feedback to her was that no one else had her voice or the exact same experiences as she did. The focus of “not good enough” turned to how she was unique in the world and fully qualified to share her experience with the world.

While it’s not uncommon to have twinges of envy when you see someone:

  • Achieve an outcome easily that you find difficult
  • Ace an exam that you struggled with
  • Demonstrate a skill you’d love to acquire

How often do you actually give yourself feedback about all amazing accomplishments you’ve made, the capabilities you have, and the life journey you have lived?

In Integrative Coaching, we look at honoring ourselves. I am always struck by the concept that we deserve to honor ourselves simply because we are alive. We also look at a person’s “divine recipe”, the unique set of capabilities and experiences that help define their life’s contribution and purpose. When you consider your life, do you already know your divine recipe, are you refining it, or contemplating how some new ingredients are leading you in a different direction?

Consider how varied peoples’ lives are. Some focus on creating a large loving family. Others work to move to the top of the career ladder and make oodles of money. Still others step into their creative side writing best-selling books, producing award-winning films, and designing amazing artwork for others to admire.

Someone recently said to me that everyone has a journey of self-discovery. That may be true, but no one has the same journey, the same voice, or the same way of making a contribution to the world as you do.

There is a beautiful story that is shared about a mother or father saying good-bye at an airport and wishing their daughter “enough”. What would happen if every morning when you woke up, you stated “I am enough”? Or my life’s journey is unique, my contribution is perfect, my voice is my own and I am good enough. You could also share a powerful self-affirming statement – I wish myself enough.

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