My journey to find an alternative approach to resolve a medical condition started with one practitioner. It blossomed into a pathway that included dozens of practitioners who used a multitude of approaches. While some didn’t directly address the specific medical condition, they did become practices to maintain my health (body and mind).

When I am asked why I pursued such a multitude of approaches, I reply that I was searching for options. I am also curious and like to learn and try new things. More importantly, I have found that there are layers to what we experience and a variety of options that align with personal preferences.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Physical health – the short list to exercise, eat well, drink plenty of fluids, and get sufficient sleep. Within that, there are different kinds of exercise, no shortage of different diet plans, and various thoughts on how many hours of sleep are sufficient.
  • Getting things done – some people write their list of things to do each night, others first thing in the morning. Certain people find a benefit in identifying only their top 5 tasks of the day and others focus their tasks in blocks of time. There are numerous task apps to help you track while some people prefer writing in a notebook or journal.

When I think of practitioners that I work with, almost all of them are trained in more than one approach. Their multi-faceted, yet integrated approach has helped me uncover many layers. For those who are focused in one approach, the approach itself has multiple start and end points.

All of the diverse types of trainings I have undertaken provided different layers within the approach as well. Whether through a range of experiences, a set of diverse processes, or a series of step by step programs, each works to unravel patterns. Revealing the patterns within our families, behaviors, thoughts and beliefs, environment, experiences, and more helps unlock progress and unleash remarkable results.

We are each on a journey to learn what works best for us in all the different areas of our lives given our unique set of family dynamics, school and work experiences, personality types, friendships, and abilities.

  • For some people the answers are clear, and for others, a deeper investigation is needed.
  • Some people achieve outcomes easily, whereas others may struggle.
  • We may have a challenging behavior that originated from an emotional trauma, or a physical symptom whose root lies in the emotional DNA of our families.

Whatever your unique journey or wherever you find yourself on your path, there are times you may find yourself stuck, unclear, or repeating a pattern. The transformational coaching services offered by Systems of Change, LLC can help you uncover options and pathways to move forward. Please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation.

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