With holiday shopping, end-of-year events, and family gatherings, there is a lot on most peoples’ lists. I have heard from numerous individuals during the last few weeks, that there is too much going on.

  • Too many tasks on the to-do list
  • Too much stress triggering over-reactive emotions
  • A long list of options to choose from
  • Conflicting/contradictory information
  • A myriad of events in which to participate
  • Too many papers to sort through
  • Many roles at work and too little staff to fill them

… And the list goes on

All of these experiences can lead to feeling overwhelmed without a way to maneuver through it all.

As we move into the end of the year and work to wrap up the remaining tasks of the year, prepare for the holidays, and look ahead to 2024, what tools can help us shift us out of a feeling of overwhelm?

  • Look at your task list and focus on the priorities.
  • Understand and shift the triggers for your strong emotions
  • Note the pros and cons of the options you have to narrow the list.
  • Find the common ground in conflicting/contradictory information
  • Select the events you prefer to participate in
  • Take the paper-sorting day by day, a little at a time.
  • Re-assess roles to see which activities can be deferred

In general:

  • Prioritize and focus
  • Chunk into smaller pieces
  • Seek to understand
  • Take things one step at a time
  • Give yourself grace

Giving yourself grace is a form of self-kindness. Rather than focusing on what you are not accomplishing, give yourself the needed space to step back, take a breath, and notice what needs to change without judgment or rushing to decide.

If you find it challenging to give yourself grace, consider signing up for my 30 Days of Self-Kindness starting at the end of December.

If you need support in working through the causes of overwhelm or the feeling of “it’s too much”, look at the other options for transformational support that I offer – Find the Pathway to the Truth of Who You Are

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