life wheelDuring my study of Systemic Dynamics in Organizations based on the work of Bert Hellinger, it was fascinating to see how we bring our families into our work life.

Children who don’t feel they fit into their families can end up in roles where they don’t quite fit (i.e. non-technical person in a technical organization). A person who is second (birth order) in their family may never end up with the “top job”. Individuals who were their mother or father’s favorite may find themselves being the boss’ favorite.

If factors in our family life parallel that of our career life, that means aspects of our individual lives likely parallel too. Based on my work in corporate and my experiences as a life coach, I began looking at one of the common coaching tools – the life wheel.

The life wheel is a way of segmenting your life into key aspects. It can be used to look at how satisfied you are with the different areas (career, relationships, health, etc), how much time you spend in each area, and where you would like to focus more time and energy, among others.

Some examples of areas for the life wheel include relationships, health, fun, career, surroundings, spiritual, and personal growth. In thinking of corporate team efforts and functional areas in a business, I found these parallels.

Individual Life Wheel Chartd blog.docx

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