How often do you take time to acknowledge the small wins on the way to a bigger outcome?

It is fascinating to watch clients and other people I know focus on what they haven’t accomplished – yet. They haven’t gotten to the final goal weight, their dream job or their financial target. The desired outcome is still far out on the horizon. Yet they share amazing steps they are taking and outcomes they are achieving as they step towards that future.

Whether it is landing multiple job interviews in a short period of time, taking consistent daily action towards a goal, or achieving incredible interim results on the pathway to a goal, each small step is an accomplishment. Each celebration of a small step provides momentum to move forward towards our bigger goal. All aspects of the path deserve acknowledgment and celebration.

Several months ago, I posted about a goal I was working towards. My post included a question as an opportunity for others to share.

My post was – “I hit my lowest weight in two years. Halfway to my weight “release” goal. While I’m not yet at my end goal, it feels important to acknowledge and celebrate this accomplishment. My steps along the way.
What goal, milestone, action step completion, or other accomplishment would you like to acknowledge yourself for?”

I was grateful for all those who posted comments of encouragement and support. At the same time, I found it interesting only about 2% of the comments included another person’s expression of self-acknowledgment even though I directly asked for their experience.

When we skip over what we have accomplished and only look at what is still to be done instead, our perspective focuses on what is missing or incomplete. We label ourselves as not good enough, incapable, and can even step into comparing ourselves to others.

I remember a coach training session where we discussed an individual who wanted to start working out. They focused on not being motivated, not getting the gym, and all the steps they were not taking. The trainer suggested that they shift their perspective to create a different viewpoint.  Acknowledge that you drove by the gym, bought a pair of sneakers, and found a consistent time on your calendar. Each action is a small step towards an outcome.

Approaching a goal in this way leads us to a focus on what we accomplished, creates a more positive energy, and ultimately builds momentum for our journey towards our bigger vision.

If you are finding yourself focused on what you haven’t done, how you aren’t good enough, or how impossible your vision feels, please contact me for a complimentary coaching conversation.


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