January is that time of year when I see emails about defining your one word for the year and your core area of focus. There are countless reminders to create your vision board, address your money blocks, commit to taking care of your health, and more.

All of these are great.

My experience is that each person who blogs, sends emails, does a post or video on these topics, has a unique perspective; a nugget of wisdom to share. Sometimes that perspective is something I hadn’t thought of before; other times, it is an approach I am familiar with. There are also times when the same information comes from multiple sources serving as a good reminder to pay closer attention.

Personally, I have found there is more than one word for the year. I also use the areas of the life wheel to identify a core focus in each area of my life.

Here are a few examples from the approach that I use. See how they resonate for you.

  • Let’s take a look at a life wheel area – relationships. While overall, I want to create meaningful relationships, be supportive of the relationships that I have, and establish boundaries to identify when a relationship is ending. For many years now, I have identified one relationship that feels like it needs special attention. Different years have seen the relationship with my mother, a sibling, and my husband be the focus of that attention. For 2022, the relationship of focus I’ve chosen is the relationship with myself. What relationship in your life is calling for special attention from you?
  • I first heard about identifying “one word” for the year several years ago. One year I chose possibilities and would ask myself – “what is possible” – as a reminder to be open to possibilities. Over the past few years, I have heard various approaches to defining your one word, such as making it action-oriented or having it evoke a feeling. Which led me to how I now create my three “one words”. I create an overall one word – for 2022, it is focus. In support of that one word, I also create one word for the core feeling I want to experience (i.e. clear) and the mental construct that will support me in achieving my intentions (i.e. I can do it). What one words will anchor your intention for this year?

To help document these goal areas and one word, I have created a life wheel with goal-setting questions in each core area. I invite you to download it and document the key focus for your balanced set of goals and the “one words” that feed your body, mind, and soul. You can even add an image to each area to anchor your intention.

In this time of setting resolutions, if you find yourself questioning whether you can achieve your goals, feel like you have been here before, or notice what you tried before is no longer working, there is still time to sign up for my Future Focused 1:1 coaching special offer or the upcoming Meeting the Shadow workshop. For questions on either, contact me.

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