I was speaking with a friend recently and she reminded me of how years ago I shared that I turn right in order to go left.  I started doing that because at times I would wait for what felt too long for two lanes of traffic to clear. When I first shared this driving habit, she and several others laughed at me – but it turns out that certain delivery companies follow the same approach, as it saves on gas and emissions.

In recalling this approach, I was reminded of a visioning exercise where through a facilitated process, I identified a zig zag path to my goal, rather than a direct, straight line. There are times when we have to turn in a different direction to navigate most effectively to the end point.

When you step back from the past year and step into the current one, notice:

  • The chance meetings you had that led to something unexpected
  • How you adjusted an approach based on feedback
  • When you felt like you had taken a step backwards, only to find you had really moved forward
  • The amazing number of accomplishments you achieved, even if you didn’t hit the final goal

Many of us start the year by setting our intention for what we want to accomplish, things we want more of, and areas where we would benefit from letting go.

Do you also step back and acknowledge all the actions, learning, experiences, events, calls, and dreams that did take place last year? If not, would you be willing to give it a try? If yes, did you also find a way to celebrate all the successes and failures, express your gratitude for the experiences and opportunities, and take note of any feedback for what you might change?

Next, take a look at what might stop you from moving forward towards your goals, vision, and dreams. What might hang you up?  Something like the traffic you wait for when making a left turn.

  • What do you believe about your ability to achieve these goals?
  • How committed are you to doing what it takes?
  • Do you tend to make excuses when your actions don’t work out as expected?
  • Are there times that you blame others for what you don’t accomplish?
  • To what degree do you compare yourself to others and find yourself lacking?
  • How easily do you give up when you encounter an obstacle?
  • Do you keep doing what worked in the past even though it no longer fits your current life?

Sometimes we get locked into seeing life from the perspective of the past, including what we didn’t achieve and the reasons why. If that sounds like you, Future Focused Coaching is a great opportunity to shift the lens during six 1:1 coaching sessions. As one client said, “it is life-changing”. If you prefer a group coaching format, Meeting the Shadow is a six-week series that supports you to shift what gets in your way. As one client said, “I found me.”

To find out more, register for the information sessions for these two great coaching programs.

Update for 2023

  • Information session for Future Focused 1:1 Coaching during Journey thru the Life Wheel with a Future Focus January 17, 2023 at 1p ET and 7p ET.
  • Sign up for the Meeting the Shadow Wait List to be notified of the date it will be held.

See you there.

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