Sometimes we think that more is better. A simple expression of this is when people trade up to bigger houses, more expensive cars, and fill their closets with expensive designer clothing. People who vie for bigger titles and higher salaries, or follow prescribed approaches to making millions or becoming a best-selling author.

While striving for more supports us in growing, learning, and innovating, there are sometimes costs that aren’t worth the price. On a personal note, I’ve experienced some dynamics in my life that highlight the same point in a different context – more is not always better.

We installed a Jacuzzi tub during renovations and enjoyed using it – until after it leaked through to the kitchen ceiling twice. The first time the issue was discovered and fixed. The second time we decided the cost outweighed the benefits and opted for a plain tub to replace it.  Sticking with the theme of household appliances, we purchased a refrigerator with an enhanced ice maker that caused multiple problems. Its replacement had no ice maker – problems have been avoided with the simple solution of ice cube trays. Next there was the digital thermostat that enabled us to change the settings remotely, except when a lightning storm took it off line. Fixing it required an in-person overtime visit, during which we decided to return to the old thermostat, and have been problem-free ever since. Now you clearly see the message that I received again and again – more is not always better.

Always striving for more can lead us to a place of imbalance, where something goes missing in our lives. For example:

  • What happens when we focus on our jobs, but have no time to take care of our health?
  • Have you ever noticed a relationship collapsing because one or both parties are always travelling?
  • How often do people rack up credit card debt in order to fill their closet?
  • Are there times you were convinced that something was worth a high price only to find the real value lacking or a lower priced option held the real value?

What if the answer was simple – to find a balance?

When we are in a place of extreme, one key is to take a step. Some simple ways to start…

  • Don’t have a lot of time to keep your space clear, what are five small things you can do in a short amount of time today?
  • Leaving self-care out of your life, means you are leaving yourself out – what is one thing you can do this week?
  • Feeling compelled to buy more and more and go into debt – how about saving the money before you buy, or creating a practice of donating something for each purchase you make?
  • Driven to get more, better, bigger – take a step back and consider your motivation, what is behind the driver.

If you are finding yourself in a place of striving for more and creating imbalance in your life, please contact me for a complimentary coaching conversation to discover new pathways to a balanced life.

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