All the “detours” that happened on the river cruise and the behaviors of people on the detoured trains noted in my previous blog, “Detours-External Factors” highlighted an important element. We all encounter detours, but how do we respond to them? Here are some of the reactions and responses I witnessed. For those whose luggage was delayed, some had experienced a baggage issue before and carried extra clothing in their carry-on, while others did not. With the Danube flowing low, everyone from the captain to the activities director collaborated to come up with options to best address the situation. On the underground, there were a variety of responses. There was one whiner who complained every time someone new boarded the train and the impatient person (who shoved me onto the train because I was moving too slowly in their view). There were those who opened the windows to let the cooler air in and others who helped clarify the direction of the trains for those less traveled. Some people dealt patiently with the situation or made light of it. Those reactions and responses reflected:

  • Collaborating with others
  • Being prepared
  • Focusing on the negative
  • Finding the positive
  • Providing assistance
  • Acting as a guide
  • Seeing the humor or making light of the situation
  • Getting creative and finding new pathways
  • Taking action
  • Asking questions
  • Being patient

A wise friend of mine once shared their mindset – everything is going to work out; it always does. If this one thing doesn’t work, I will find something else. There is an abundance of opportunity. What a great perspective to have when encountering any detour or obstacle. How would you have responded to any of those situations? If you find yourself stuck in the negative or challenged to find the way out, please contact me to discuss opportunities for transformational coaching.

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Photo by Karan Mandre on Unsplash