As part of my own personal journey of transformation, I look for ways to change my perception. How can I see things differently? What is the positive in a negative experience? How can I learn from interactions with others?

Through my inner exploration I noticed that when looking at someone else’s success, I sometimes felt a twinge of jealousy. As I became more and more aware of this, I began to look at what I was jealous of in reality. Typically, it was someone else’s ability to do something more easily than I felt I could. Sometimes it was connected to my business, other times to a person’s persona. As I sat wondering how to work through the emotion of jealousy, I realized I could use these people as inspirations instead. From there I created for myself what I now call – Jealous Inspirations.

In shifting the focus from a negative (jealous) to a positive (inspiration), it allowed me to see what was good, insightful or inspiring about the other person’s idea. What started as a whiny – “why can’t I do that” – became – what a great idea! It also led me to create action steps and identify future plans for areas I wanted to change.

Here are some examples:

  • People who manifest what they want easily (I signed up for a program on manifesting)
  • People who are effectively growing their business – (I noticed what they do and consider if I should too)
  • Someone who is doing short, insightful, one-minute videos – a possibility
  • Individuals who seem to have absolutely no doubt something will work out
  • Those who have a lovely energy that seems to magically draw people in
  • Business owners who have a short, well-worded message that seems to say – contact me to learn more

There are many more. The key point to consider is, how do you react to individuals who are doing or who have what you think you want? To dig deeper ask yourself:

  • What is that person doing that I could learn from?
  • Is what they are doing something that fits with my values?
  • Am I doing something that prevents me from achieving what they have achieved?
  • If I don’t want to do what they are, what causes me to hold onto negative feelings?
  • What are other things I see people doing that inspire me to take action?
  • In what ways do I inspire myself?

If you are stuck in creating negative meanings or holding onto destructive emotions, what would it take to flip – stuckness to movement, negative meanings to a positive perspective, holding on to letting go, destructive emotions to creative flow? Investing in yourself and giving yourself the gift of transformation, is one option. Please contact me to learn what option would best support you.

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