When was the last time you heard someone say something like – just be patient, you need to be patient, or stop being so impatient?

It’s been interesting to notice the number of people I’ve spoken with recently who are being called upon to be patient. Patience is a necessary quality to shift out of the frustration created by what feels like you are going in circles or because a goal is taking longer to achieve than anticipated.

  • Someone recovering from a medical procedure, suffers a setback in their recovery and needs to be patient with themselves.
  • My personal experience with a medical condition that was made worse by medication and has required me to be persistent and patient while searching for viable alternative approaches.
  • A person wanting something different in their career finds they need to be patient in finishing a current project while allowing the next opportunity to appear.
  • People in challenging relationships that try their patience, working to find the gifts within their current circumstances as they patiently work to create something better.

I was speaking with someone recently about an experience I had a few years ago during an Aura-Soma® training. At that time, I was seeing the impact of instances of impatience, and the need for patience was underscored in working with one of the Aura-Soma bottles – https://systemsofchange.com/our-unique-journey-be-patient-with-how-the-path-unfolds/

When something isn’t working out as we would like or is taking longer to achieve than feels comfortable, how can we step into patience and surrender to the moment?

  • Look at whether the opportunity you are pursuing is truly what you want. I’ve found when people hit roadblocks, it gives them time to question their desired outcome.
  • Determine if the situation is giving you a message to take a break. How many times has someone tried really hard, then gotten sick in the process? Their body is giving them a message.
  • See if there is a lesson in surrender or letting go. Have you ever found the harder you try the less progress you make?
  • Take the time to re-assess the timeframe you are imposing. Often times situations take longer to resolve than we anticipate.

Do you find patience easy or difficult to come by? If it feels difficult for you to slow down, take a step back, and observe the learnings from a situation, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What do I get out of being impatient?
  • How does it feel to be working towards a goal that feels out of reach?
  • What might shift if I add a dose of patience?
  • What’s behind my need to get to that finish line?

Transformational coaching can support you in understanding how impatience is sabotaging your goals. Contact me to discuss a custom coaching package that meets your needs.

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