I was inspired to write about impatience after seeing three car incidents; at least two of them linked to impatience. During a recent errand run, the traffic was detoured due to two destroyed vehicles and eight police cars and ambulances taking up space in the intersection – a clear indication that something serious had occurred.

As I was driving home after finishing my errands, the light up ahead was turning yellow and I chose to come to a stop. My decision was met with impatience by the driver behind me, clearly seen in her hand gestures and facial expression visible in my rear view mirror. At the next light, there were two cars in front of me. The one in front apparently moved too slowly for the car behind it. The instant the light changed that driver sped into the right turn lane, only to make a left hand turn, impatiently cutting off the slower moving car in the process.

Impatience – a common feeling with vastly different results and consequences based on how each person reacts to it.

As I sat with how impatience tied into the theme of our unique journey, I found myself a bit stuck around how I wanted to talk about it. Then one morning, a lesson in patience appeared in the form of an Aura-Soma® bottle and the color green.

As part of The 21 Keys of Aura-Soma® training, I had listened to the weekly video the night before, noting the reminder about the different meanings of green highlighted in the practice. While we often think of green as spacious, lush, and flourishing, it has other meanings that reflect our shadow side. For example, the commonly known statement “green with envy” – a color-based phrase that is easy to remember.

As I went to open the bottle that contained the color green, it was difficult for me to remove the cap; it wouldn’t budge. I first tried a wet paper towel to turn the cap, then one that was dry. I considered getting a pliers but was cautious – as the bottle is glass. I was about to give up but decided to try a small cloth – still no luck. Feeing exasperated, irritated, and impatient, I finally reached for a hand towel. Voila, the cap came off. The most interesting part – this test of patience had never happened to me before with any other Aura-Soma® bottle.

I could still feel that sense of impatience and irritation, then remembered the valuable lesson from the video. The “shadow” side of green was coming through and with it – a reminder that inspiration appears most easily when you aren’t even thinking about it.

Does impatience lead us to a helpful place? What if you consider that:

  • Things unfold in cycles. I’ve found 18 months is frequently needed for a transition to come to fruition.
  • Answers become clear in moments of silence; silence that is absent in the face of impatience.
  • Timing is everything. Ever hear the phrase about being in the right place at the right moment?
  • One thing leads to another. Maybe your first job wasn’t perfect but by sticking with it you found your dream career.

Each person’s path is unique and rushing to get to the finish line may cause you to miss opportunities, create undue stress, overlook the big picture, and not get there any faster in the long run.

If find yourself impatient with the flow of your life, become irritated by your inability to complete your actions, or see yourself triggered by the behaviors of others around you, consider contacting me for a complimentary coaching conversation or to learn more about Aura-Soma®.

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