In making updates to my website recently, I was speaking with some people who commented on my logo. I mentioned that the colors were each chosen for a specific reason; there was intention behind the decision. After hearing that, one of them suggested I write a blog about those choices.

This May I launched a new series of “Self-Care Through Color” and attended the Aura-Soma® The Seven Levels of Letting Go training. Both connect to the meaning of color, so it felt even more appropriate to incorporate a mention of my logo colors in a May blog post.

I love to look at the meanings of things and the messages they may convey. Whether it be a hawk flying overhead reminding me to stay in alignment with my vision or the message of “pay attention” when something appears three times. Another way I look at meanings and messages is with the colors I am drawn to.

Here are the meanings behind the colors in my logo.

  • Green – for growth and creating new pathways.
  • Yellow – for shining forth (your greatest expression) like sunflowers.
  • Gray – for the stones on the pathway representing the steps that move you forward.
  • Violet – for transformation as well as self-nurturing.

The meanings behind the colors in my logo are just one of many meanings each of these colors could reflect. My intention in writing about color meanings is to underscore a deeper facet of color itself. There are many and here are a few.


  • Can be reflective of the shadow; they have both a positive and negative meaning.
  • Come in shades.
  • Are part of our language, such as “having the blues”, or “being green with envy”.
  • Can shift our moods, nurture our soul, and feed our bodies i.e. eat your greens.

Because color can sometimes fade into the background of our awareness, despite the powerful impact it can have in our lives, I love to give others an opportunity to experience ways of working with color they might not have considered.

I enjoy:

  • Highlighting ways you can use color to transform your world
  • Using color in a transformational program I created called “Self-Care Through Color”
  • Supporting people to see how there are no “bad” colors
  • Demonstrating how color is a necessary component of a self-care practice
  • Experimenting with different ways color affects our lives

Whether it be looking out my window and seeing the splash of golden yellow from a daylily, or noticing a flash of red in my vision as a cardinal flies by, I have become more and more aware of all the different ways that color appears in our lives. What are ways you bring color into your life?

To discover more opportunities to bring in color while experiencing a transformational process, I’d love to have you join me in a future Self-Care Through Color program. Sign up for the waitlist here and receive advance notice of new dates. Or start your color exploration with my free guide, “3 Ways to Transform Your World with Color”.

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