vision, goals, action steps, pathway, outcome.In looking out at my garden one day, I realized how a vision I had several years ago had become a reality.

I always loved the striking blue blossoms of certain hydrangeas but never had planted one.  For some reason, the idea stuck in my mind, so I decided to visit the local garden shop to look at what was available.  I spoke with one of the garden specialists who showed me the various options, and let me know something interesting about this flower – that it might turn out pink rather than blue depending on the type of soil.

I had someone plant it and he informed me that it was important to water it daily.  Even with these daily waterings, it would wilt in the afternoon sun but I kept my commitment to water it daily.  The following year it looked a bit stronger but there were no blooms.  By the following year I was ready to give up on growing the hydrangea I had so clearly envisioned in my mind’s eye. This year I had no expectation, and to my surprise I looked out to see a multitude of blue blossoms.  Not as deep blue as I had remembered but beautiful nonetheless.

I felt inspired by the blue blossoms of the hydrangea I had waited years to see blossom, and the experience unearthed for me certain commonalities between cultivating a garden and cultivating a vision.

  • Started with a vision of something I wanted (something inspiring)
  • Defined what was needed to get there (the resources)
  • Took the first steps forward (consulted with an expert)
  • Nurtured the dream (plants need water and fertilizer just like visions do)
  • Detached from the outcome (it might be pink rather than blue)
  • Made revisions as necessary (adjusted the timeline)
  • Saw the outcome in full bloom

When you step back and look at something you want to grow, these simple steps create a pathway to help your vision blossom.

How are you working to cultivate your vision?