As I listen to a variety of discussions about how to address certain “big life topics”, it strikes me that:

  • Some people think that their choice is right for everyone and applies in every situation
  • There are some approaches that sell themselves as the one and only way to solve your problem
  • In some places, we persecute those who are “different”
  • If we continue to say that there is no solution, there will be none.

All of these scenarios ignore something important – the need for options and a respect for differences.

In my time studying overseas, I experienced different cultures and learned to value the diverse history and people. Throughout my multi-decade healing and learning journey, I explored a myriad of approaches for body, mind, and soul and found that each person’s path is unique. My career working with cross-organizational programs highlighted the power of focusing teams of diverse individuals towards a common goal.

These life experiences highlighted that diversity of perspective creates a better, more expansive outcome.

If you…

  • Try to say that what works for you is right for me, you are stepping into a righteous position. Consider looking at the shadow behind it.
  • Are unable to accept that what I believe disagrees with what you believe, try stepping into the shoes of another person.
  • Find that someone’s lifestyle triggers you, it may be time to learn more about bias.
  • Are unable to see how diversity of perspective can enhance an outcome, you may be encountering a blind spot.
  • Simply cannot see how a myriad of things can happen in any situation, it may be time to review the concept of exceptions.

If any of these apply to you or someone you know:

  • Consider my upcoming Meeting the Shadow program, to look at the roots of your righteousness and triggers.
  • Check out Self-Care Through Color, as a way to experience a new transformational approach that, like a kaleidoscope, gives you a different perspective.
  • Make a note regarding my upcoming Systemic program, which highlights how patterns you hold are passed down from your ancestors and how you can make different choices.
  • Contact me to schedule a complimentary coaching conversation and see what transformational approaches will best move you forward (either 1:1 or group).

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